Why is College Football Better Than the NFL?

February 6, 2020 by Staff

This debate has been raging for decades. Yes, the Super Bowl is watched by millions (or even billions), and the NFL is know across the planet. But that doesn't actually make it better. In this article, we're going to look at a few different reasons why more and more people are picking the authentic football experience of the college game.

If you're new to college football, you might be surprised with how big it is. In many areas, it's actually the number one sport---even compared to the professional game. There are loads of ways why college football is actually BETTER than the NFL, and we're going to look at them in this article. Both for visiting actual games, or even following them from across the pond in the UK.

Let's have a look at why college football might be better than the NFL:

1. Better local support

You might be surprised to know that college football attendances are often higher than those in the NFL. In fact, some of the record highest attendances in the US are for college football teams, specifically at places like Michigan State. These games are massive sporting events and many believe the atmospheres at the venues put NFL game-days to shame.

2. More teams to follow

Let's face it, there are only 32 NFL teams. These are mostly in the biggest cities. While following the NFL is a great place to start, this often means that you'll be picking a team that's actually located a long way from you. That isn't the case with college sports as there are so many more teams. That means you can pick somewhere you went to college, or a place that's much closer to you either physically, or closer to your heart.

There are so many different college teams at all levels, meaning there are loads more games and lots of different teams have a chance to have good seasons or win a Bowl.

3. Less commercialized

Not only does the college game have fewer ad breaks and a shorter break at half time because of this, but the players aren't actually paid to compete. They've all got to attend classes and take part of college, and some people prefer this mix as it creates a more wholesome and less money-focussed sporting event.

4. Chance to watch future stars

There's nothing better for football fans than following a top player through their entire career from high school and college all the way to the big leagues. Well with college sports, you'll get a chance to watch future household names before other people have heard of them. This can give you more knowledge about the game and a chance to impress your friends.

5. Better food

Sometimes people complain about the state of food in the NFL. It's often too expensive and simply not the experience it used to be. Well with college sports, food is a priority. From some of the best stuff inside the ground to the most authentic tailgate parties before the game. You can get all this and more with the college game.

6. Cheaper to follow

Tickets for college games are often much cheaper than those in the NFL. That's one great reason to follow the sport.

7. More authentic experience

Some people say that the college game is the REAL way to follow gridiron football. As we've already touched on, the atmospheres and attendances are often way better. You've also got the chance to use things like the tipico bonus code so that you can place a well thought-out bet on college sports.