Beginner's Guide to College Football for UK NFL Fans

February 5, 2020 by Staff

Most people get into "American" football thanks to the NFL. It's not surprising, as it's popular the world over. Especially the Super Bowl. You've probably seen a number of them already. But did you know that many people argue the Super Bowl and the NFL is not the REAL American football experience? That would be the college game.

If you're new to American college sports, you might be really surprised to see how popular it is, especially if you've ever tried to watch University sports in the UK. Even soccer, the most popular sport in the country, is hardly followed at all at the games. Well that's simply not the case in America, where some matchups are hotly anticipated and the crowds can be record-breaking. If you want to know a bit more about the college game and how it works, you're in the right place. Check out this handy article on all the basics to the college game.

There are multiple "championship" games

There isn't just one Super Bowl like in the NFL. Your team can be champion of a number of different bowl games like the Rose Bowl or the Orange Bowl. These are named after the venue they're played in, but have become known as championships in their own right.

Betting Aps

You can enjoy betting apps like 10cric app to follow all sorts of different college football matches. This makes it a fun way to pick a team and have something riding on the game while you enjoy it.

Selecting the playoff teams isn't straightforward

There's a complicated voting procedure that's sometimes hard to follow, though things have become easier since the creation of the College Football Playoffs, Still, it's a panel of human 'voters' that selects the teams for the playoffs, unlike other sports where it's clear what you need to do to qualify for postseason.

Players don't get paid

While TV viewing figures can be huge, as well as attendances---the players don't actually get any money. This is great if you end up making it to the NFL, but most footballers don't. They'll get their education, then go onto normal careers. Some people prefer that the athletes aren't millionaires, while others argue they should get a cut of the huge amount of money the sport brings in to the colleges.

Attendance can be huge

Some of the record attendances in the whole country are from the college game. Michigan holds the record with over 112,000 fans. Many of the biggest venues in America are for college sports, most especially football.

Rivalries can be fierce

Rivalries in the college game can date back much further than any in the NFL. These rivalries are maintained across academics and a number of different sports, but this often culminates in college football. College pride is a big deal for many of these, and even smaller universities that don't have a chance of making it to the playoffs will still have a few huge games on their calendar.

All athletes attend the college

While they don't get paid, they DO get an education, and this can often be for free thanks to sporting scholarships. This can help ensure the future of those players who aren't good enough to make it professionally, and can also make sure the best universities have a good range of athletes and a competitive team. It also makes sure the best players study hard at high school so that they meet the requirements to attend certain colleges.

It's often argued to be the real football experience

Many college football fans will tell you that attending a game or following a college team is MUCH more authentic than the NFL. From passionate support to the best tailgate parties, college football has it all and it's an experience unlike any other in the world. If you want to follow college sports and have fun following a bet, you might enjoy some of the options available.