How To Follow College Football in the UK

February 5, 2020 by Staff

If you recently got into the NFL thanks to the Super Bowl, you're not alone. As a one-off spectacle, the Super Bowl has grown massively in popularity on this side of the pond. But did you know that it's not the ONLY way to enjoy the great game of gridiron football? In fact, one of the more popular variations of this great sport is college football.

If you don't know much about college football already, you might be surprised with how massive it is. Some people from the UK can have a hard time believing the popularity of college sports in the states. That's because most British universities only get a handful of fans for any college-based athletic event. We're talking one man and his dog here. That is NOT the case in America.

Some of the biggest sporting events of the year are college-based. American Universities like Michigan State regularly get over 100,000 fans for their home football games. The sport is absolutely massive. And in some areas, it's much bigger than the NFL itself. National television coverage as well as massive packed venues make college football an absolute phenomenon.

But if you want to follow it in the UK, what are your options? Let's have a look.


The simplest way to watch college football in the UK is with a BT Sport subscription. This can come with a regular satellite bundle or if you're a BT internet user. With the lineup of BT Sport channels you'll also get ESPN, which regularly shows college football during the season.

However, you'll only get a handful of matches this way. It's the easiest way to get into college ball if you just want a little taste, but it isn't necessarily the best way if you want access to a load of games.

Betting sites

These days, your options for betting in the UK are massive. Unlike some other parts of the world, you can place a bet really easily in the UK and follow all sorts of different sports. In America, betting rules are loosing up somewhat---but it's still something that's heavily restricted. There are loads of places where you can bet on and follow college football. Check out this Betway review for more info on one of the best.

Online streams

Another great place to find college football coverage is with online streams. There are loads of places to find these, and they include both free and paid services. With online streams, you should be able to find access to every big college football game, but the quality and reliability of the streams might not be as good as with ESPN.

Sports bars

Some big cities like London have sports bars with a range of different events to choose from. While many of these will be prioritising NFL games (especially on Sundays) there are still possibilities for you to follow college football. You just need to know where to go and make sure you visit them at the right times.

Attending matches

Ok, this one is a long shot. But if you really want to experience the full college football atmosphere, you might need to pop over to the states. This isn't as absurd as it might sound, and nothing beats actually showing up at a ground for the full game. Transatlantic flights can be picked up for as little as £200 and game tickets are often much cheaper than for the NFL. You'll find a unique experience at these games that's often much better and more authentic than in the professional leagues.

Which one of these ways to watch college football is right for you?