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The Heartbeat of American Football: From College Fields to Professional Stadiums

American football, with its deep roots in college traditions and its towering presence in the professional realm, stands as a testament to the nation's undying love for the sport.

Posted 7 hours ago

Key Statistical Metrics for Predicting College Football Outcomes

Professional prediction of college football games. Important indicators to pay attention to when making predictions. What the future holds for sports analytics, opportunities for bettors.

Posted yesterday

Betting charges vs. ISU athletes set to be dropped

The prosecutor handling the sports wagering case against four former or suspended Iowa State athletes has asked a judge to dismiss all charges.

CUSA Releases 2024 Football Schedules as Kennesaw Moves Up From FCS

Three of Conference USA's first-year members - Liberty, NMSU and Jax St. - were the top three teams in the league a year ago. What will 2024 hold?

Posted 3 days ago

Did you know...

ESPN's FPI has NEVER beaten's Congrove Computer Rankings for accurate picks against the spread.

The independent Prediction Tracker website shows the CCR beat the FPI by 28 games in 2021 and had the 3rd-most wins against the spread among the 54 computer rating systems measured. Additionally, the CCR had the most straight-up winners of all systems in the second half of the 2018 and 2014 seasons, and the best record against-the-spread for the entire 2016 campaign.

Revised College Football Playoff Format Finalized for 2024

The College Football Playoff Board approved expanding the playoff field to 12 teams starting in 2024. This change happened because the Pac-12 conference lost 10 of its 12 members to other conferences.

Posted 4 days ago

What's the Issue with A Detailed Look

If you wonder what the fuss about is, then you have come to the right place. Check the article for more details.

Posted 8 days ago

The Harbaugh files: Former players share strange but true stories of the Chargers coach

The Los Angeles Chargers named Jim Harbaugh head coach in January. His former NFL and college football players share their favorite stories.

2024 B1G College Football Schedules

After realignment, the conference expands to 18 teams that are strewn from coast-to-coast.

Posted 10 days ago

College Football Playoff Confirms 5-7 Format For 12-Team Playoff

No conference will qualify automatically and there will be no limit on the number of participants from a conference.

Posted 10 days ago

Leading NFL Quarterback Talent Runs Deep in Top Half of League, But 2024 QB Draft Is Light

Behind Kansas City's Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes and Baltimore's league MVP Lamar Jackson, the NFL has a lot of depth in the excellence of its quarterbacks, but a number of teams have also struggled to find one that even looks like he has a bright future.

Posted 14 days ago

Did you know...

In 2023, the Congrove Computer Rankings are celebrating the 31st year of accurate picks and team rankings.

The rankings began with the 1993 season. launched 6 years later and will be celebrating its' 25th year on the internet.

From Textbooks to Touchdowns: A Student's Guide to Excelling in Academics and Football

Balancing the rigorous demands of academic life with the physical challenges of football is no small feat.

Posted 16 days ago

Chiefs Rally To Win Super Bowl As Some 49ers Admit Confusion About Overtime Rules

The Kansas City Chiefs won another Super Bowl Sunday night, and Patrick Mahomes nabbed a third MVP trophy in the process after rallying his team from a 10-0 deficit for a 25-22 win over the San Francisco 49ers in overtime.

Posted 18 days ago
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