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College Football's Greatest Players Ever

Even after the emergence of the National Football League in 1920, college football remained extremely popular, and it has continued to be so right through to the modern day. Over the decades, college football has seen an array of super-talented players. But who are the very best? Although that question is up for debate, we are sure you will not disagree that the following three players deserve their places as the greatest college footballers of all time.

Posted 2 days ago

College Football Returns, But Was It Too Early?

Sports have continued their returns around the world, following the lengthy extended break due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Posted 6 days ago

Virginia Tech is closer to State College than most of the teams in the Big Ten, yet the conference says it will only play conference games - if any at all. Yet another completely idiotic decision revolving around Covid-19. #CFP #CollegeFootball

Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference to suspend all sports through the end of 2020

The move by what's considered the largest conference in the NCAA affects student-athletes at 18 Division II schools, 17 of which are in Pennsylvania.       

Return Of College Sports Remain On Rocky Ground

We’ve recently seen the majority of big US sporting events announce when they’ll return with some interesting approaches to doing so - the NBA has created a bubble for its players by ensuring that all will remain in one location with constant testing, others have announced a much shorter season with many teams not having the opportunity to play against each other in order to reduce the amount of contact between teams and players.

Posted 9 days ago

Did you know...

The Prediction Tracker, which monitors more than 60 computer rating systems, shows the Congrove Computer Rankings (CCR) on had the best record for projecting outright winners in the second half of the 2018 season.

The CCR also had the most correct straight-up predictions in the second-half of 2014, and the best record against-the-spread for the entire 2016 campaign.

2021 College Football Hall Of Fame Ballot Released

Membership voting runs through July 7; results will be submitted to the NFF’s Honors Courts, which will deliberate and select the 2021 Class.

Posted 23 days ago

A Six Week Plan Met With Possible Early Delay

As schools had been announced for reopening for athletes on campus starting June 1st, many would begin voluntary workouts the following week with others expected to begin on June 15th. While this had factored-in the current global crisis, it hadn’t addressed the ongoing protests across the country that could cause further disruptions.

Posted 1 month ago

A joint statement from FBS conferences says they've agreed to an extension with TV nets beyond standard June 1 deadline for determining college football’s early season game times as we continue to prepare for the season. A later date was not specififed. #Collegefootball #CFP

2021 Rose Bowl College Football Playoff game still scheduled, despite Rose Parade cancellation

Plans for the Jan. 1, 2021 College Football Playoff semifinal at the Rose Bowl are proceeding on schedule, whether at reduced capacity or without fans        

Changes in Regulation of Sports Betting in U.S

Legalization will keep you under an umbrella of security. If you are betting with an offshore booking entity, no one can help you out in case of any fraud, or if your money goes missing.

Posted 1 month ago

No surprise in #nfldraft as LSU's Heisman-winning QB Joe Burrow goes first to Bengals, followed by Ohio State's all-everything on defense, Chase Young, to the Redskins. #CFP #CollegeFootball

Voluntary Athletics Activities Allowed In All DI Sports Starting June 1

Division I student-athletes in all sports will be permitted to participate in voluntary athletics activities beginning June 1. The Division I Council voted electronically this week.

Posted 1 month ago

Which College Football Teams Could Be On the Rise In 2020?

While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is still causing some concern for the start of the new football season in the NCAA, it is thought that the planned season start date of early September 2020 will be hit.

Posted 1 month ago

Did you know...

In 2020, the Congrove Computer Rankings are celebrating its' 28th year of accurate picks and team rankings.

The rankings began with the 1993 season. launched 6 years later and will be celebrating its' 22nd year on the internet.

2019 LSU Football Season - One For the Ages

One for the Ages, the Story of LSU Football’s Exceptional National Championship Season, premieres Wednesday, May 13 on SEC Network.

Posted 2 months ago

Opinion: Expanding College Football Playoff could be how programs find needed money via @usatoday #CFP

Best Ways to Bet on College Football

Clemson, which lost 42-25 to LSU in last year's national championship game and won the 2018 title, is a 5-2 Vegas favorite to reclaim the crown this year.

Posted 2 months ago
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