Who Are the Best QBs Still In the Transfer Portal?

September 6, 2022 by Staff

NCAA college football is a real institution in America and a sport which attracts a large, loyal following. While the pro NFL league will always command a lot of headlines, college games come a close second for many. You only have to look at the huge crowds that college matches attract for proof of this!

The 2022 season should prove to be another great year in college ball and there should be no shortage of action to enjoy. If you like to bet on sports, there will also be no shortage of matches to wager on either. Betting on games is becoming very popular in the US now as a way to add more excitement to matches. Just remember to find the best free college football picks to mull over first though, before putting any money down.

It is also worth looking at the transfer portal in 2022 and seeing which players still in it rank most highly. This is not only fun but can help bettors see which players might have a positive impact on any team they move to in the future.

But who are the best college quarterbacks still in the transfer portal?

Justin Rogers

When discussing ranking the best players in the transfer portal who have not yet been snapped up, quarterback Justin Rogers is a top name. Having signed with Texas Christian University (TCU) out of high school, he then moved to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) before entering the transfer portal again. If another college team does come in for him, this will hopefully lethim find somewhere he can settle down properly.

There is no doubt that the talent Rogers possesses provides him with a good ranking among the quarterbacks (QB's) still in the portal. He is tough and has a powerful arm on him – as his 300-yard, two touchdown game against San Diego in November 2021 showed. He also seems to have a good feel for the game and handles the ball well.

Jack Sears

The current list of starting college quarterbacks for 2022/23 does not show Jack Sears among them. This is a shame as he is one name in the transfer portal currently who ranks highly. Starting out at University of South Carolina (USC) before moving to Boise State for more game time, it seems things have not quite panned out how Sears hoped. This has led to him being in the portal again and waiting on another college team to pick him up.

A top 10 QB prospect in the 2017 class, there is no doubting his skill set and the potential he has. His passing is at a pro-level and he has picked up a lot of experience in different systems throughout his college career so far.

The main issue for Sears is his injury record and the limited number of games he has played as a result. At Boise State, a concussion took him out of a game, and he never got his starting spot back. We can easily see a college team that needs depth at QB picking him up soon and taking a chance on his fitness.

J.D. Johnson

If you think this is a name which sounds familiar from a few years back, you would be right. This promising young quarterback from Arizona had signed up for Michigan at college level – but was forced to retire in 2019 due to a heart defect. He came out of retirement in late 2021 though and entered the transfer portal.

It is clear that Johnson has all the attributes of a top-level quarterback and the talent to make his mark in the college game. The major barrier to teams picking him up will be questions over how safe it is for him to play and whether the heart condition picked up in 2019 is under control now.

In addition, teams may be wary of the impact that so much time away from the game might have had. If he can come back fit, healthy and as powerful as ever though, he would make a great signing.

Transfer portal still has rich pickings for college teams

Since being introduced, the college football transfer portal has become a key part of the game. Hundreds of college players apply to be listed on it every year and this is especially true for quarterbacks unhappy with their current college situation.

While many of the big name college QBs have already been snapped up from the portal for the new season, the above shows that there are some decent names who rank highly still available.


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