Pac-12 Conference schedules ranked: UCLA Bruins have the easiest strength of schedule

May 13, 2022 by Staff

While it is by no means a guarantee of how the season will go, there is always a lot of interest in the strength of each team’s schedule.

Fans all over the world are always interested in seeing how supposedly difficult the fixtures that their team has for a variety of different reasons. Some will look to use the list as a way to enjoy an enhanced betting experience, whilst others will look to use it as a source when they are looking to brag about how well their team did, or even potentially look for excuses and use it as a reason as to why they performed poorly or why another team had managed to do better than them.

Of course, this goes for all sports at all levels, however the Pac-12 schedules have been ranked and this will have led to some forming their own opinions about what they might expect to happen in the upcoming college season.

Strength of Pac-12 schedule

Let’s take a quick look at how each team ranked, with the easiest schedule to the hardest:

  1. 12. UCLA Bruins
  2. 11. Washington Huskies
  3. 10. USC Trojans
  4. 9. Arizona State Sun Devils
  5. 8. California Golden Bears
  6. 7. Utah Utes
  7. 6. Oregon State Beavers
  8. 5. Washington State Cougars
  9. 4. Oregon Ducks
  10. 3. Arizona Wildcats
  11. 2. Colorado Buffaloes
  12. 1. Stanford Cardinal


As mentioned, this is something that many Pac-12 fans will have been looking at for a variety of different reasons. Indeed, now that they have it, those who were interested in potentially using it as a tool to enhance their wagering efforts next season may now feel that they are in a better position to enjoy betting online when the action on the gridiron finally takes place.

Why have the teams been ranked as they have?

There are a number of different metrics that are used in order to find out the strength of the schedule, with each of these being added together to give them an overall score. This is then used to determine “how easy” or “how difficult” a team will allegedly have it in the upcoming campaign.

When applied to the Pac-12 schedule, it was found that the teams in the Pac-12 North appeared to have easier schedules than those that compete in the Pac-12 South division. This is because of the power balance between the two leagues.

Did the strength of the schedule provide any shocks?

Of course, there were no real shocks when looking at the rankings of the Pac-12 schedule.

The teams with fewer talented players would naturally find that their list of fixtures would be incredibly difficult. Teams such as Stanford, Colorado, and Arizona were always going to find it tough, however Stanford may wish to sit this year out.

The Stanford Cardinal will face every Pac-12 team in the conference except Colorado and Arizona, whilst they will also have to face Notre Dame and BYU in non-conference games, too.

In contrast, the UCLA Bruins would appear to have the easiest schedule in regard to the rankings based on strength. Many have suggested that this is the case as they will play three rather easy non-conference games against Bowling Green, Alabama State, and South Alabama.

Many expect the team to be able to cruise into Pac-12 play with a 3-0 advantage, although it should be worth noting that their schedule in the Conference is around the sixth-hardest.

What can we expect?

As highlighted previously, there is no guarantee that the UCLA Bruins will be able to walk the Pac-12 season just because they have an easy schedule where the rankings in regard to strength are concerned.

As we know in sports, there is every chance that a supposed underdog can be successful in a game against a team that they are not believed to have a chance against, whilst things can also change throughout a season.

For instance, teams can suffer injuries or suspensions to key personnel throughout the campaign that can alter the entire year, whilst others can have games where they produce exceptional performances that many would have found extremely difficult to predict.

Therefore, whilst it is easy to see that the Stanford Cardinal has the hardest schedule, and the UCLA Bruins have the easiest schedule, it might be worth avoiding the assumption that this is how the Pac-12 season will go.