College football favorites 2022

May 19, 2022 by Staff

College football is a huge thing in many countries in the world. Here we have college students playing professionally, and in major tournaments in the competition to be the best school. Many are also on scholarships and get their education covered if they participate in the sport. With this in mind, it is not so strange that people want to watch the many good teams and bet on the best ones.

Betting on college football

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Alabama vs. Georgia 

It is predicted that the two teams that will meet in the SEC Championship, a yearly American football match also known as the Southeastern Conference, and the College Football Playoff National Championship, will be the teams that are the top returning ones in the 2022 SEC. They are Alabama and Georgia, and as it turns out, Alabama is a slight favorite over its fellow south state competitor. Alabama’s odds are listed with +100, and Georgia with +125. The difference is not the highest, but it can certainly make a huge difference when betting high. 

There are some key players that give Alabama the upper hand on Georgia. Bryce Young is one of them, providing an edge on offense for Crimson Tide. Then they are also gaining Jermaine Burton from the Bulldogs' ranks. The Bulldogs lost eight players to the NFL Draft, which were all highly important to the team. Georgia is also a great and talented team, but many view this as a reloading year for them. However, you should always keep an eye out for the ranking, as it is always changing. 

Ohio State

When it comes to the Big Ten title, there is one team that is highly favored to win. That team is Ohio State according to recent college football odds. They also come in at number three in our Congrove Computer Rankings at the time of writing. At the very top of teams to win the Big Ten sit the Buckeyes, with a -200 odds. The closest contender is way back, placing Wisconsin at a +1000 and then Michigan at a +1100, followed by Penn State with odds of +1200. 

In other words, Ohio State is set to win this one by a lot, and there is a reason for it. Their brilliant quarterback C.J Stroud is returning as the best one in the conference by far, and one of the best quarterbacks in the entire league. This is giving them a clear upper hand, and it also keeps the nearest competition at a distance. There are also some big names in the offence, making the team nearly unbreakable. These are players TreVeyon Henderson, Miyan Williams, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Marvin Harrison Jr., and Emeka Egbuka. However, they have to face the loss of Lineman Harry Miller who is retiring for mental health reasons. 

Players Denzel Burke, Cameron Brown, and Ronnie Hickman are giving the questionable defense some potential for sure. We have big hopes for Ohio State this season and are following the Bowl Schedule to mark the calendar for the next match. 


There is something special with college football that makes it both exciting and fun to watch. Seeing the young talent and trying to predict the winners awakens something in all of us, and we are well aware that we are looking at some upcoming NFL players.