Computer Rankings Expand To 127 Teams - Alabama Still No. 1

October 18, 2020 by Staff

With the Big Ten and the Mountain West set to debut this coming weekend, and the MAC and PAC-12 all starting by November 7, the Congrove Computer Rankings expand from 92 teams to 127 with this week's release.

Alabama continues to hold down the top spot, with Clemson a close second. Wisconsin, the computer's projected champion of the Big Ten, checks in at No. 3.

The Big Ten opens this Friday night with Illinois at Wisconsin, while the MWC starts Saturday.

The MAC begins Wednesday, November 4 with a full slate of action, and the PAC-12 follows with a November 7th kick-off.

This week, Big Ten teams hold 6 of the top 9 spots, and PAC-12 teams occupy 4 of the top 15 - all without having played a game.

Among teams that have actually played, Notre Dame is 4th, followed by Oklahoma State.

See the latest CCR Top 127.