Which college players can shine in the 2019 NFL season?

May 17, 2019 by Staff

As the year rolls on, we all relax in the warmer weather to enjoy the summer sun and balmy nights. For many NFL fans though, this quieter time of the football season is also a chance to look ahead. The 100th NFL season in 2019/20 is due to kick-off at the start of September 2019 and then run all the way to Superbowl LIV in February 2020. This makes this the perfect time to begin looking at which players may make an impact for your team and also across the NFL in general.

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Of course, you first need to find out which players may be poised to make a real impact before you put any money down. For many, it is most intriguing to delve into those players coming into the NFL for their first season from college football. But who are the rookie names to watch out for?

Kyler Murray

This supremely talented quarterback was snapped up by the Arizona Cardinals and is expected by many to make the move from college to pro football smoothly. It looks as though he will go straight in as first choice now that Josh Rosen has moved on, but he should handle this well. Murray played for Oklahoma when at college and racked up impressive figures there, such as 42 touchdowns and more than 1000 rushing yards. With a strong throw, great accuracy and superb agility, he looks set to make a major splash in 2019.

Clelin Ferrell

Playing in the key edge rusher position, Ferrell may not be one of the names talked about a lot, but he could have a great first season out of college football. He must certainly have something the Raiders liked as they signed him up in the recent draft quickly. The player will definitely help strengthen the outside of their defensive line with his great engine, supreme toughness and sharp ball in hand skills. Ferrell has a pretty good all-round game in truth and he also has all the physical attributes you would want in a professional NFL star.

Nick Bosa

It caused a little surprise when Kyler Murray went as Number 1 pick in the recent draft ahead of Nick Bosa. This did not worry the San Francisco 49’ers though who picked him up at Number 2 straight after. The 49’ers were quick to act as Bosa is a beast of a player who starred in his Ohio State college years as a defensive end. Although injury has kept him out of the game since September 2018, his stats before then were immense. His first year saw 29 tackles in 13 games while his second year saw 32 tackles and 7 sacks. This shows the extent of his aggression and physicality, which the 49’ers are hoping to harness next season.

Devin White

In some ways, this college player heading to Tampa was of little surprise. White needed a pro team and Tampa needed a decent linebacker with Kwon Alexander gone. White should bring a lot of positive attributes to the team, such as lightning pace, superb athleticism and a real will to win. He is great at making tackles and getting involved in plays to clean up any mistakes or potential problems. With his amazing pace, the former LSU star is also pretty good at beating blockers to the ball. All in all, he is someone who could well shine in 2019 at Tampa.

College stars making their pro debut excites

In football, there is nothing quite like seeing college stars making the step up into the NFL pro game. Whether they will have the form, luck and personality to succeed is always fascinating to see. The talent of those shown above is not in question, so they all have as good a chance as any of making their mark when the season gets underway.