What is driving record viewership for college football?

February 5, 2024 by Staff

Most estimates state that college football viewership is growing at roughly 5% year-on-year. As well as an American nation full of sports lovers, there is also more interest from overseas and plenty of other factors that are contributing to the growth, and records are set each year as more people tune in.

So what is driving this record viewership, and what is the limit for college football? Are there likely to be even more people tuning in in the coming months and years?

A bigger betting market

There is no denying the fact that the betting market has an effecton viewership, and betting is becoming a more legitimate option for people all around the US, withthe addition of more college football betting sites. Many of these offer markets on a huge number of college football games, including team and individual markets.

Betting is far from the main reason why people watch sports, but it definitely has an impact. A quick look at some of the top sports teams and the sponsorship deals they have will show you that there are so many different betting brands linked to football and other sports. The market is also growing globally, along with other sports.

An excellent standard

The standard of quality is definitely something that helps to improve the popularity of any sport, and in the world of college football, the quality is definitely there. This is especially evident when it comes to the point where specificindividuals are competingin the playoffs, and these are some of the most competitive football games that you will find other than in the NFL.

In the whole of the football pyramid, not a huge number of college players will go professional, but when you are watching the playoffs and games of a higher level, there is a stronger chance that some of those players will make an appearance in the NFL in the future.

NCAA games and the whole of the college setup is lots offun to watch, with some really interesting fixtures, helping to create a product that many football fans are keen on.

More televised games

With this growing interest, television broadcastersincluding CBS, NBC and ESPN are all offering some form of coverage of NCAA games. There are television rights deals that provide an income for the teams as well as providing a way for people to see the games and follow their favorite teams and players.

On top of this, the world of technology means that there are more and more viewers whoare able to watch from anywhere in the world, and while they are traveling. With apps, people can check up on their team and watch the games even while they are sitting in a bar or on a train. Improved mobile coverage in recent years and more television deals being offered via mobile apps means that fanscan tune into games whenever and wherever they are.

Fantasy football

Fantasy football is absolutely huge all over the US, and in any area around the world where American football is watched. Just like the NFL, there are many options for people to play fantasy football within other tournaments, with the NCAA offering a fantasy football option for people to draft their own teams and try to outdo their friends.

When people have a fantasy football team, they are likely to develop some extra interest in the sport and willwant to see the players they have drafted in action. Fantasy leagues can add a lot of fun to pretty much any sport, and it is no surprise to see millions of people getting involved in fantasy football. There may even be prizes on offer for those who have an eye for talent in the NCAA.

Growing local and global interest

Locally, people like to go and support a team based in the same area as themselves. In the NFL, it might be hundreds of miles to traveltosee the local team in action. However, that doesn’t mean that this is the only option – some teams are based at local colleges and can provide a way for people to go and watch the game in person.

There are also more people around the world who are starting to show an interest in football. In the UK and other European countries, more people are watching college football as well as the NFL, increasing the global appeal for college football.