Top 6 Teams In Super Bowl History

April 18, 2023 by Staff

Fans who are conversant with American football know how important the Super Bowl competition is. It is unarguably one of the most decorated trophies in the league. As competitive as it is, not all teams in the NFL have been able to achieve it. As such, one of the success metrics for football clubs is the number of championships they have won.

While the Super Bowl seems to be a tough feat to achieve for some teams, there are others who have seamlessly accumulated this trophy. The New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers have both won 6 each, making them the most successful teams. The San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys have 5 each, and that makes them the second-highest winners of the championships.

The Green Bay Packers have 4 Super Bowl titles in their coffer. At the same time, the New York Giants also made the list as the first NFL team to reach the Super Bowl with 4 title wins. This franchise is among the 5 most popular New Jersey Professional Sports Teams making the state proud. Below we take a look at other professional teams and rank the most successful NFL team with the biggest number of Super Bowl Titles.

1. New England Patriots

This is a 6 times winner of the Super Bowl competition, with their latest win being in 2018. The team started 2002 with no title and then went on to win 3 consecutive championships in 2002, 2003, and 2004. After that, they also won it in 2014, 2016, and 2018. Below is an overview of opponents and scores in each year’s final game:

  1. 2002- vs. St. Louis Rams, 20-17.
  2. 2002- vs. Carolina Panthers, 32-29.
  3. 2004- vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 24-21.
  4. 2014- vs. Seattle Seahawks, 28-24.
  5. 2016- vs. Atlanta Falcons, 34-28.
  6. 2018- vs. Los Angeles Rams 13-3.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

This amazing team is one of the oldest clubs in the NFL. Before going ahead to win their first Super Bowl title in 1974, this team had been in the league for 42 years. It is equally known as one of the teams with the most players in the NFL Hall of Fame. Here is an overview of their championship wins:

  1. 1974- vs. Minnesota Vikings, 16-6.
  2. 1975- vs. Dallas Cowboys, 21-17.
  3. 1978- vs. Dallas Cowboys, 35-31.
  4. 1979- vs. Los Angeles Rams, 31-19.
  5. 2005- vs. Seattle Seahawks, 21-10.
  6. 2008-vs. Arizona Cardinals, 27-23.

3. San Francisco 49ers

The Niners, as they are fondly called, are one of the most successful NFL teams in the late 29th century. All of their 5 Super Bowl titles were earned in 1981 and 1994. The San Francisco 49ers are also a popular franchise in the league, with some notable players in history. The overview of their final games is below:

  1. 1981- vs. Cincinnati Bengals, 26-21.
  2. 1984- vs. Miami Dolphins, 38-16.
  3. 1988- vs. Cincinnati Bengals, 20-16.
  4. 1989- vs. Denver Broncos, 55-10.
  5. 1994- vs. San Diego Chargers, 49-26.

4. Dallas Cowboys

This is another 5 times winner of the Super Bowl, although all their wins were during the late 19th century. Regardless, it still remains one of the most celebrated NFL teams. It is popularly known as America's Team due to its widespread popularity then. Below is an overview of their final games:

  1. 1971- vs. Miami Dolphins, 24-3.
  2. 1977- vs. Denver Broncos, 27-10.
  3. 1992- vs. Buffalo Bills, 52-17.
  4. 1993- vs. Buffalo Bills, 30-13.
  5. 1995- vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, 27-17.

5. Green Bay Packers

The Pack, as they are fondly called, is one of the NFL franchises that has maintained relevance from the 19th century to this era. Their first Super Bowl win was in 1966, while the latest one was in 2010. Likewise, the team is reputed to have won 9 per-Super Bowl titles, making it the highest winner in the NFL. The overview of Green Bay Packers championship wins is below:

  1. 1966- vs. Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10.
  2. 1967- vs. Oakland Raiders, 33-14.
  3. 1996- vs. New England Patriots, 35-21.
  4. 2010- vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, 31-25.

6. New York Giants

This is the only New Jersey professional football team that made our list. The franchise has 4 Super Bowl titles to its name. It also has one of the best MVPs the league has witnessed in recent times. Their championship runs are listed below:

  1. 1986- vs. Denver Broncos, 39-20.
  2. 1990- vs. Buffalo Bills, 20-19.
  3. 2007- vs. New England Patriots, 17-14.
  4. 2011- vs. New England Patriot, 21-17.

The Super Bowl championship is a celebrated title all NFL franchises desire to win. While some teams still struggle to win, others have multiples on their shelves. We’ve identified the top 6 successful American football franchises that boast the biggest number of Super Bowl wins so far.