Tips for NFL sports betting

July 26, 2022 by Staff

The NLF preseason is due to start imminently, and we’re anticipating some fun games that will give us a preview of what we can expect. Matches commence from August 5, and the official NFL season starts in early September.

To improve your fun and enjoyment, and to potentially make some money, why not enjoy a little sports betting during the 2022-23 season? This adds an extra level of involvement while watching your favorite NFL teams – but could also result in some nice pocket change! If this sounds appealing, we have listed five simple tips for NFL sports betting below.

Find the right sportsbook

Firstly, you must pick a suitable betting site! Not all sportsbooks are created equal – some are fraudulent and some are not suitable for NFL lines and NFL betting. Things you need to look for include:

  • A valid gambling license from the state of origin.
  • Variety of payment methods available.
  • Promotions and bonuses for new customers.
  • Ease of contact for customer support.

By looking at these factors, you should be able to choose a suitable sportsbook. We would suggest that the most important factor is the license. Casinos and sportsbooks that are licensed have to follow gambling laws and regulations, and provide a certain level of service.

Look at the matches covered

Once you have narrowed down your choices using the above criteria, it is important to delve into the sportsbook’s actual NFL offerings. Different gambling sites will offer different levels of coverage for NFL and other sports. For example, one website could prioritize the NFL and offer minimal coverage for other sports. In contrast, another site could focus on European sporting events, and concentrate on soccer while covering only the NFL Super Bowl.

Navigate to the NFL section of the sites and look at the matches and tournaments they cover. Ideally, they should have bets available for all preseason, season and playoff games.

Drill down to find the individual bets offered

So, you have found a selection of suitable sportsbooks, and you have eliminated the platforms that don’t widely cover the NFL and college football.

The next step is to look at the individual bets offered for each game. The most basic bets that all sportsbooks offer is the overall match winner. For example, you bet on the Los Angeles Rams to win their first preseason game.

However, many gambling sites go further than this and offer other bets. These could be on results or events such as the score at the end of the quarter, over/under score predictions, the number of touchdowns, rankings and the number of first downs. Having more betting options should increase your enjoyment factor.

Compare odds with multiple sportsbooks

Lastly, you can now compare odds across the different platforms you have selected. In today’s world of sports betting, there isn’t as much variance and scope for finding radically better odds. This is because many platforms use the same underlying technology. Also, they often use complex algorithms or employ teams of people simply to monitor odds.

However, it is still prudent to check the odds. For example, you could sign up to a couple of sportsbooks and choose the best odds for an NFL game you want to bet on. This makes sure that you get the best value for money and that you could also take advantage of some slipped odds.

Use in-play betting if possible while watching games

Lastly, many websites offer in-play betting. These are bets that are continually changing, based on the NFL games as they unfold. The odds of these bets fluctuate as the flow of play changes – this creates an incredible level of excitement and can also result in some big wins.

In some instances, platforms also offer the option to cash out of live-play bets. For example, if you see your team is starting to lose, you could always cash out and receive a percentage of your initial bet. This helps reduces losses and conserve money if the momentum in an NFL match suddenly swings against you.

By using these tips, you should be able to choose a suitable sportsbook that matches your betting preferences and gives you the best variety and options for NFL betting. It is imperative that you check the legality of the platform and where it is licensed. The licensing information will generally be found at the bottom of the relevant website. By using a licensed sportsbook, you can guarantee that your personal info and fund swill remain secure.