NFL: Pick Your Over/Under Win Total of Any NFL Team and Play The Odds

July 24, 2023 by Staff

Alternative win totals are a type of NFL Futures market in which you are betting on the total number of wins an NFL team will have for the 2023-2024 season.

Take the team that's favored by everyone to repeat as Super Bowl champions this season - Kansas City. You can take an aggressive total of 14.5 and bet the Chiefs to win 15 games or more for a handsome return of +550, or take a more conservative approach and lay money that Kansas City will only exceed 8.5 wins at a return of -700.

There are plenty of options for point totals in between.'s Alternate Odds allow you to pick the number of wins your team may have, and place that bet at the odds for which you are most comfortable.

For instance, you can be a contrarian and go out on a wire to take the Chiefs to win fewer than 9.5 for a potential return of +300.

Every team's range off odds are centered around the win total that is considered to be the most-likely outcome. Look at it as the argument for the best and worst case for each team.

If you like Jacksonville's odds if going deep into the playoffs, and perhaps even making a Super Bowl win, you can take the high win total of 12/5 for the Jags at +380. Or if you fear that Trevor Lawrence and Company are going to have an off-year, perhaps beset with a major injury or two, the under 6.5 win total can return +550.

DISCLAIMER: All of the quoted odds in this article were accurate reflections as of the time of publication on Monday, July 24. Obviously, you will have to play the exiting odds at the time you place a wager.

It is interesting to note where the odds stand with that 'other' New York team, the football Giants. Aaron Rodgers has sucked all the oxygen out of the media room with his arrival in the Jets' locker room. People seem to suddenly be overlooking the fact that the Giants have won 4 Super Bowls in their history while the Jets are still stuck on that lonesome win in the third Super Bowl ever played at the end of the 1968 season. That was the game where the legendary quarterback, "Broadway" Joe Namath, backed up his bold pregame guarantee of an upset victory over the Baltimore Colts.

The Giants were an NFC playoff team last season as the 6-seed, although they were crushed 38-7 at Philadelphia in the NFC Semifinal after scoring a 31-24 upset win at Minnesota.

The high end of the Giants' available win total to bet is 10.5 while the low sits at 4.5. Offseason turmoil has surround the Giants and running back Saquon Barkley who, last Friday, scrubbed his social media accounts of any mention of his team. The club responded by signing former Jacksonville Jaguar star running back James Robinson. But after suffering an Achilles injury in 2021, the Jags traded Robinson to the Jets where he played a bit role in 2022. He had signed-on as a free agent with the Patriots in March, but was released last month (June 12).

The Giants' 2023 Schedule has the club opening at home against NFC East division rival Dallas on Sunday, September 10, followed by back-to-back trips out west to take on Arizona and San Francisco. They return home to face Seattle in week 4, and then have road clashes against a pair of AFC East foes, Miami and Buffalo. It's not until week 7 that the Giants will play their second divisional game when they host Washington. And week 8 provides a midseason matchup that will draw a lot of attention when they collide with the Jets.

Other teams that are drawing a lot of attention are Cincinnati and Philadelphia, which were the last two teams to face Kansas City last season. The Bengals fell 23-20 at the Chiefs on Harrison Butker's 45-yard field goal in the waning seconds of the AFC Championship game. The Eagles then squandered a 24-14 halftime lead and lost 38-35 in the Super Bowl as they couldn't stop the Chiefs' offense in the second half.

Like the Chiefs, Cincinnati and Philadelphia's win totals range from 8.5 to 14.5. Meanwhile, Buffalo's low is 7.5 with a high end of 13.5.