NFL Free Agency Big Board

February 17, 2021 by Staff

The NFL season now over, and Tom Brady once again reigning supreme; it is time to stack up, reload, and have another go at the GOAT. This off-season, in particular, has a slew of big names on the free agency board with a lot of different narratives, making it almost a whole season on its own, with enough interest to heat up the Montana online gambling scene or any other in the country. The choices of some pieces may tip the balance of the league, but for those who went down with an injury, the question now to be answered is how that affects their value or even their level of play once healthy again. Many teams showed last season that all they are missing is a final piece to push them into contention, while others may need a rebuild. For whatever need, there is a strong belief that this free agency class has something for everyone, and now there is only a bit of chess to be played and see where the chips fall.


Going into last season, the expectation was for Dallas to finally give Prescott his payday. Still, things did not go as planned, and even worse, he went down with injury, and the Dallas Cowboys continued their abysmal descent into NFL rubble. Still recovering, Prescott's value has no doubt taken a bump, but there is no denying what he brings to the table, and with time running out on his career, it may be time for him to get on a contender and take them that step closer to a ring.


The attention Godwin will get this off-season is directly as a result of the kind of season Tampa Bay has had. Godwin was instrumental to their success, and letting him go may very well be one of the dumbest moves in pro sports history, something the Bucs are well aware of and is most likely not even thinking of letting happen.


JJ Watt and the Texans mutually decided to part ways and begs the question of why superstars are asking out of Houston. With Watt gone, the Texans will have a hard time convincing rebel quarterback DeShaun Watson to buy into the team's direction. Watt may have shown a bit of decline in recent years, but he is still amongst the best Edge defenders in the league and can only add great value to anyone who snaps him up.


The New England Patriots are the biggest losers of the NFL season, as they let Tom Brady take his talents to Tampa Bay. he got a ring, they got only problem on their hands in return. The Patriots may be forced into full rebuild mode, and Bellichick will have his work cut out for him, especially with the future of Cam Newton up in the air. The former MVP showed a lot of his old self earlier in the season and then took a nosedive after a coronavirus infection. The patriots are in no man's land right now, and so too is Newton.