More Schedule Changes Announced In Wake Of Irma

September 15, 2017 by CFP Staff

The American Athletic Conference announced several adjustments to football schedules, with 4 of the 5 changes affecting USF. Meanwhile, a solution has yet to be found for the Memphis at UCF game that was supposed to have taken place this past weekend.

Here are the changes as they pertain to each team:

South Florida

10/14 - CINCINNATI (moves from 10/28)
10/28 - HOUSTON (moves from 11/4)
11/4 - at UConn (make-up date of missed 9/9 game)
UMass game dropped from schedule.
The Bulls will retain 11/11 as their open weekend.

East Carolina

9/24 - at Connecticut (moves from 11/4)
11/4 - at Houston (moves from 10/28)
The Pirates' open weekend is now 10/28 instead of 9/23.


9/24 - EAST CAROLINA (moves from 11/4)
11/4 - USF (make-up date of missed 9/9 game)


10/14 - at USF (moved from 10/28)


10/28 - at USF (moved from 11/4)
11/4 - EAST CAROLINA (moved from 10/28)


10/14 - Game at USF dropped from the schedule
12/2 - at FIU (This game will be dropped if FIU wins CUSA East as the conference title would be held on that date).
The Minutemen now have the weeks of 10/7 and 10/14 open


12/2 - UMASS (Makes up for the cancellation of the game at Indiana)