Exploring the Different Types of Bets in American Football Sports Betting

April 20, 2023 by Staff

American football sports betting is one of the most popular forms of sports betting across the world. In US sportsbooks betting, with the legalization of gambling in many states, there is now a huge number of online sportsbooks in the country.

With many different types of bets available for bettors, it can be quite daunting to understand which ones are best suited for each occasion or situation. However, with a bit of insight, you can easily pick out the right type of bet for your particular needs. 

Parlay bets

A parlay bet is a type of wager that combines multiple bets into one. It’s an attractive option for many bettors because it offers the potential for large payouts, but it also carries a high degree of risk. To win a parlay bet, all the individual bets must be correct. If even one selection is incorrect, the entire parlay loses. Parlays are available in most sports betting markets and can include any combination of other bets such as moneyline, point spread, or total bets. For example, you could combine three different moneyline bets into one parlay and if all three teams win then you would receive a much larger payout than if you had placed each bet separately.

Straight up bets

A straight up bet in American football is a bet on the outcome of a single game. This type of betting is popular among casual bettors who may not have much knowledge of the sport or team they are betting on. A straight up bet requires no handicapping or analysis and can be placed with ease. The simplest way to make this type of wager is to pick one team to win the game outright, regardless of point spread. If the chosen team wins, then you will receive your winnings based on the odds associated with that particular bet.

Over/under bet

An over/under bet in American Football sports betting is a wager on the total number of points scored by both teams combined. The bookmaker sets a line, and you can either bet that the total score will be over or under that line. For example, if the line is set at 45 points and you bet “over,” then you win if the combined score of both teams is 46 or more. If it’s 44 or less, then you lose your bet. It’s important to note that overtime periods are included in this type of wager, so make sure to factor them into your calculations when placing an over/under bet.