College Football Rankings: Preseason Top 10 for 2023

August 20, 2023 by Staff

One of the most anticipated aspects of the college football season is the release of the preseason rankings. This shows a glimpse into the teams expected to dominate the gridiron in the upcoming year. 

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Preseason Top 10 for 2023

Here are the top ten college football teams for 2023, their recent performances, and expectations as the new season unfolds.

1. Georgia Bulldogs (15-0, College Football Playoff National Champion)

The Bulldogs roared to victory in the College Football Playoff National Championship, capping off an impeccable season. With a star-studded roster and exceptional coaching, Georgia aims to defend their title and continue their dominance on the field.

2. Michigan Wolverines (13-1, CFP Semifinalist)

Despite falling short in the CFP semifinal, the Wolverines exhibited remarkable prowess last season. This year, Michigan aims to secure its third consecutive conference championship. However, their aspiration goes beyond that as they strive to progress further and secure a spot in the CFP title game.

3. Ohio State Buckeyes (11-2, CFP Semifinalist)

The Ohio State Buckeyes finishing at 11-2 and securing a spot in the CPF semifinals, showcased their championship-caliber play. A dynamic offense and strategic defensive improvements position them as formidable contenders. The Buckeyes are set to make their mark once again in the quest for a national title.

4. Alabama Crimson Tide (11-2, Sugar Bowl Champion)

With an impressive 11-2 record and Sugar Bowl championship title, the Alabama Crimson Tide continues to be a powerhouse in college football. Their well-rounded gameplay on both offense and defense reinforces their reputation as consistent contenders.

5. Penn State Nittany Lions (11-2, Rose Bowl Champion)

The Penn State Nittany Lions, triumphant with an 11-2 record and the Rose Bowl championship, solidify their position as a football force. Their exceptional performance on both ends of the field highlights their prowess and determination. As they gear up for a new season, the Nittany Lions aim to continue their winning ways and compete at the highest level.

6. LSU Tigers (10-4, Citrus Bowl Champion)

The Tigers roared to victory in the Citrus Bowl, showcasing their potential. But now, LSU kicks off the season against Florida State. This is a significant opportunity for both institutions to start on a positive note. Florida State emerged victorious in the same matchup in 2022.

7. Florida State Seminoles (10-3, Cheez-It Bowl Champion)

The Florida State Seminoles, achieving a 10-3 record and capturing the Cheez-It Bowl championship, showcase their resilience and skill on the gridiron. Their remarkable journey to victory demonstrates their determination to excel. As they embark on a fresh season, the Seminoles are poised to continue their upward trajectory.

8. USC Trojans (11-3, Cotton Bowl Participant)

USC is determined to demonstrate its true potential in the coming season. The Trojans came within a single victory of reaching the CFP, but their season concluded with defeats against Utah in the Pac-12 championship and Tulane in the Cotton Bowl. USC's path to being considered a national championship contender demands evident improvements in its defensive performance.

9. Washington Huskies (11-2, Alamo Bowl Champion)

The Huskies triumphed in the Alamo Bowl, showcasing their talent and determination. Washington aims to capitalize on their strengths and make a mark in college football. The Huskies firmly position themselves as a prominent contender for the Pac-12 title.

10. TCU Horned Frogs (13-2, CFP Runner-Up)

Although falling short in the College Football Playoff championship, TCU's impressive performance earned them a spot in the top ranks. Their performance and remarkable journey to the championship game underscore their dedication and talent.

A Journey of Excitement, Rivalries, and Unforgettable Moments

From thrilling victories to unexpected upsets, this season promises excitement, rivalries, and memorable moments to keep fans on the edge of their seats. As teams battle it out on the field, stay tuned for expert analysis, player highlights, and in-depth coverage that brings the heart of college football to your fingertips.