College Football Betting: What are the Two Most Popular Types of Bets?

March 10, 2022 by Staff

NCAA football is one of the most interesting sports to bet on because of its unique characteristics. A total of 16 clubs may qualify for the postseason in several professional leagues.  Over half of the clubs in the NBA and NHL are given the chance to compete for the title.

An NCAA football season is unpredictable, and a single setback may jeopardize a team's hopes of advancing farther in the tournament. A bowl game appearance or winning one of the "lower tier" bowls might be considered an honor for certain colleges. Making the College Football Playoff into which only four schools are admitted. The importance of performing well each and every week increases as a result of this. In addition, the sport's distinctiveness provides several possibilities for bettors to take advantage of while making their bets. You can play wagers and selections on your favorite college athlete or team with the options available at SNOG, on this online gaming platform, you have the potential chance to win more money if you play the wide range of casino games that are available.

When it comes to college football betting, you need to be aware of all the alternatives that are out there. Betting on college football is dominated by spread betting and money line and within this article, we will be explaining those in greater detail.

Spread Betting

College football spread wagering is the most popular since the underdog team receives a handicap, ensuring a fair playing field for both teams. If the underdog can keep the game close enough to the spread or if the favorite can win by a significant margin, then this is a good bet for punters, here’s an example:

Penn State has a +6.5 point differential while Wisconsin has a -5.5 point differential.

Wisconsin has a 5.5-point advantage in this scenario (Penn State have a 6.5 point handicap). Wisconsin must win the game by a margin of at least six points in order to win a spread bet. However, if Penn State wins or loses by 6 points or less, a spread bet on Penn State would pay off. In most spread bets, the odds are -110, which means that a $100 wager would return $100 if it won on both sides.

Money Line Betting

Money line betting is the act of placing a wager on which team will win in a straight up contest. If the team that you have selected wins the game, your wager will be paid out. It goes without saying that a $100 gamble on an underdog will pay out far more than a similar stake on a favorite.  Let's follow on from the example from spread betting. 

Penn State (+200) and Wisconsin (-220) are tied for first place.

For example, if Penn State wins the game, a $100 wager on them would receive $200, for a total payoff of $200 if Penn State wins. If you wanted to win $100 betting on Wisconsin, you would have needed to risk $220 in order to do it. In this case, a total compensation of $320 would have been earned.