Biggest College Football Rivalry Games

November 15, 2023 by Staff

College football is about tradition, passion, and intense rivalries. The biggest college football rivalries create unforgettable moments every season. Fans and players are excited about these games because they are more than just about scoring points. These matchups are essential because they have a lot of history and are connected to specific regions and cultures. The spirit of rivalries in college football comes from these games. There can be intense clashes between states or battles for bragging rights.

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Army-Navy | Navy, 62-54-7 |

The Army-Navy game is a prime example of rivalries at their finest. The Army Black Knights and the Navy Midshipmen are having a historic showdown. It is more than just a sports event. Held annually, it symbolizes the pride and tradition of the United States military. With a record favoring the Navy at 62-53-7, the competition is always intense. Every meeting showcases the armed forces' discipline, honor, and unyielding spirit, not just a game. 

  • December 10, 2022 - Philadelphia, PA:  Army defeated Navy with a score of 20-17 in a double-overtime game.

  • December 11, 2021 - East Rutherford, NJ: The Navy won against the Army with a score of 17-13.

Michigan-Ohio State | Michigan, 60-52-6 |

The Michigan-Ohio State game is one of the most prominent battles in college football.This annual battle, rich in history and passion, has produced many memorable moments. Recently, the rivalry has continued to showcase the competitive spirit of both teams.

  • In 2019, again at Ann Arbor, Ohio State continued its winning streak with a 56-27 win.

  • The 2020 season's game was canceled because of a COVID-19 outbreak in the Michigan program. It’s a rare pause in the historic rivalry since 1918.

  • In 2021, Michigan turned the tables in Ann Arbor, winning 45-27.

  • The 2022 game witnessed another Michigan victory, pulling away for a 45-23 win.

Every year, this rivalry adds a new chapter to its long history. It shows the passion and thrill that make football a cherished American tradition.

Alabama-Auburn | Alabama, 49-37-1 |

The Alabama-Auburn rivalry is known as the "Iron Bowl." It’s a fierce and storied contest. It epitomizes the deep-seated passion and competition in the state of Alabama. This annual clash has often decided SEC titles and national championship fates. In the 2022 game, Alabama barely won 24-22 after multiple overtimes in an exciting match. Bryce Young, the quarterback for Alabama, played a crucial role with his skill and leadership. The Iron Bowl is really a big deal in culture. Past legends like Bo Jackson and Derrick Henry shaped its rich history.

Oklahoma-Texas | Texas, 63-51-5 |

The Oklahoma-Texas battle, or the "Red River Showdown," is another gem in the football landscape. The Cotton Bowl in Dallas hosts the game, part of the State Fair of Texas. This adds to the festive and intense atmosphere. In 2022, Texas claimed victory with a score of 49-0, showcasing their dominance. 

USC-Notre Dame | Notre Dame, 51-38-5 |

The rivalry between USC and Notre Dame is steeped in history, symbolizing a cross-country clash of titans. Since 1926, this yearly game has brought together two famous teams with fans nationwide. Football legends Joe Montana from Notre Dame and Reggie Bush from USC have left their mark on this historic event.

Georgia-Florida | Georgia, 55-44-2 |

The Georgia-Florida games are held in the heart of the South. They are often called the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party." These games have a unique blend of intensity and festivity. This storied matchup takes place in Jacksonville.  It’s a highlight for both programs. Georgia's impressive performance in 2021 and its recent encounters show how the strategies and talents in this rivalry are constantly changing and surprising. New heroes rise yearly, creating unforgettable moments in this intense rivalry.

Miami-Florida State | Miami, 35-33 |

The Miami-Florida State rivalry is a fierce competition that has shaped Florida's football scene. This game is famous for influencing who wins the championship and producing NFL players. Florida State's Bobby Bowden and Miami's Jimmy Johnson have been pivotal in creating strategic chess matches. The players like Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders have made this rivalry more intense and exciting. It's a battleground where legends are made and futures are forged.

Florida-Florida State | Florida, 37-27-2 |

In the Florida-Florida State matches, the fans' passion stands out. Each year, their anticipation turns the game into a statewide event. The energy in the stadium, from the roaring crowds to the spirited bands, creates an electrifying atmosphere. The rivalry has been full of surprises, with close finishes and unexpected upsets in recent matches. This clash goes beyond the field, sparking community conversations and uniting generations of fans who love this yearly tradition.

Harvard-Yale | Yale, 69-61-8 |

The Harvard-Yale "The Game" is a storied tradition in American sports history. It dates back to 1875, one of the oldest rivalries. This vital competition is about sports and academics, showing the value of both schools. Harvard and Yale have produced presidents, scholars, and leaders who were once part of this historic rivalry.

Texas-Texas A&M | Texas, 76-37-5 |

The Texas-Texas A&M rivalry is different. It shows modern football dynamics and regional pride. The recent matches have been electrifying, featuring high-octane offenses and strategic defenses. Tom Herman of Texas and Jimbo Fisher of Texas A&M have made the game more competitive with new strategies. The fans are very passionate and loud, which makes the atmosphere intense. The football rivalry constantly changes. Each game adds to the story of skill and local pride.

California-Stanford | Stanford, 65-50-11 |

The California-Stanford battle "Big Game" tells a tale of rich history and tradition. It's known for the 1982 "Play of the Century," where Cal made an unbelievable last-second comeback. The rivalry between these universities has been going on since 1892. It's not just a game but a special event that honors their academic and athletic achievements. Legends like Stanford's John Elway and Cal's Aaron Rodgers have added to its lore. Each meeting is a reminder of the deep-rooted traditions that continue to shape this historic rivalry.

Pitt-West Virginia | Pitt, 62-41-3 |

The Pitt-West Virginia games, often called the "Backyard Brawl," became a testament to the modern fervor of regional matchups. In the past games, there was a lot of competition, innovative coaching, and new stars performing well. Pitt's Pat Narduzzi and West Virginia's Dana Holgorsen have made games more exciting with new strategies. The energy of the fans, embodying the spirit of a local derby, turns each round into a spectacle of passion and pride.

Bottom Line

In the United States, people are really into these rivalries, even outside the sport. It's a big part of our culture. Fans from different backgrounds come together to show their support, making game days more than just sports events. Tailgating, traditions, and spirited debates are integral to the experience. Fans' deep engagement has turned betting on these games into a cultural phenomenon. The rivalries are thrilling and involve the community in sports and socially.