A Quick Betting Guide on NCAAF Matches

September 27, 2023 by Staff

As the highest level of collegiate football in the United States and the primary development pool for NFL prospects, NCAAF is a popular league among sports bettors. Every fall, the best players from different universities go head-to-head in electrifying matchups for a chance to make the College Football Playoffs.

Fans wait all year long for the Saturdays as college football takes the nation by storm. From the intense rivalries with the best NCAAF betting lines to the passion-filled raucous stadiums, football fans relish every matchup and vie for their team’s superiority. This article will explore the most popular betting markets for those interested in betting on NCAAF games.

Popular Betting Markets for NCAAF

The same betting markets that are popular for the NFL are likewise the most common for NCAAF games. If you’re looking to place a wager on an NCAAF match, these are the types of bets to consider:


Essentially, moneyline bets function the same way as a match-winner bet. You bet on one of three possible outcomes. Either Team A or Team B wins, or the match ends in a draw. However, unlike the NFL, no college football game can end in a tie.

Handicap Bets

This betting market balances the odds in favor of the underdogs, or the perceived weaker team. Sportsbooks will make sure that the team more likely to lose a match has an added advantage in the betting market.


Also known as a total bet, the most popular over-under wager involves the total score of two teams in a game. Essentially, you need to predict whether the score will go over or under the predetermined value set by the sportsbook operator.

To set this value, the operator analyzes the past records of the two teams head to head. This allows them to determine a number that they can use for the over/under bet.

First Scorer

A more niche market that is becoming more and more popular, the first scorer bet involves wagering on which team will score first. It seems straightforward, but if you ask any expert, it requires far more analysis compared to an over/under bet.

Correct Score

This is perhaps one of the riskiest markets to wager out there. The objective is easy. You predict the exact score that a particular team will have at full-time. As you can imagine, this is a challenging prediction to get correct. But as it’s a riskier market, the payouts can also be significantly higher.

Betting Tips for NCAAF Matches

Here are some useful hints to improve your experience now that you are aware of the markets you ought to be betting on. By following these, you will boost your odds of success.

If you are just beginning your sports betting journey, the most important factor is finding a trusted and reputed sportsbook. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, verify the operator has a valid license, and then compare the bonus offers, payment methods and the various betting markets.

Besides this, you should also check the odds and compare them with other betting sites. You could manually check and compare the odds, or streamline this process by using a site such as OddsChecker to weigh the various betting lines and odds.

Over to You

So, if you’re planning on placing a wager on a game this Saturday or when your alma mater takes on its bitter rival, make sure to choose the right gambling platform. Consider the various betting markets explored in this article so you can start your sports betting journey off right.