5 Reasons Why Michigan Wolverines is the Best Team in the CFP

May 13, 2024 by Staff

The Michigan Wolverines have proved themselves as the best team by winning the College Football Playoffs (CFP) for the 2023 season. The American football team has a star-studded lineup of athletes who are trained to deliver the best sports experience to their fans. The Michigan Wolverines have an outstanding quarterback and a solid defense to beat the toughest teams in the competition.

It takes a lot of strength and teamwork to maintain the position as the number 1 team in the College Football Playoffs. Michigan scored 538 points in the 2023 season en route to the CFP championship title. On average, the Wolverines have gained 35.9 points per game (ppg) by rushing and passing the ball across defenders to score touchdowns.

Here are the top 5 reasons why the Michigan Wolverines is the best team in the CFP. 

Sherrone Moore is the Head Coach

Sherrone Moore was hired by the University of Michigan in 2018 as the Tight Ends coach. He has actively guided the Michigan Wolverines to increase their ppg throughout the seasons. His strategic efforts have been crucial towards leading the Michigan Wolverines into the CFP for spectacular performances in sports history.

He was named as the winner of the Joe Moore Award in 2021 and 2022 for being the best offensive line coach in the United States of America. The physical offensive line of the Michigan Wolverines got a major boost after their coach Sherrone Moore won the awards for his team.

Jim Harbaugh was the previous head coach of the Michigan Wolverines, who was succeeded by Sherrone Moore in the 2023 season of CFP. Sherrone Moore won his first game as head coach for the Michigan Wolverines by defeating the Falcons in a 31-6 victory. He was present at the 1,000th win for the Michigan Wolverines against the Maryland Terrapins. He is currently on a 5-year contract worth $27.5 million.

Before starting his career as a coach, Sherrone Moore played American football for the Butler Grizzlies and Oklahoma Sooners. He was an offensive guard for the Oklahoma Sooners for 14 games. His positive outlook for the Michigan Wolverines has encouraged the team to do their best in the CFP and the Big Ten Conference.

Appeared in 3 Consecutive Playoffs

Michigan Wolverines have appeared in the CFP in 2021, 2022, and 2023. The American football team began their 2021 CFP season unranked. By winning their first 7 games in the 2021 CFP season, the Michigan Wolverines could climb up rival teams like Washington and Wisconsin.

In the last 3 years, Michigan Wolverines have managed to set a record for their university by achieving a 13-0 streak in the CFP. The Michigan Wolverines were situated in the top 10 and the top 5 teams in the CFP due to peak performances from their quarterbacks.

In 2021, the University of Michigan representatives scored 501 points for their team. The Michigan Wolverines finished the CFP season with 35.8 ppg. Team members of the Michigan Wolverines have made over 570 attempts to rush their opponents in matches.

Won the 2023 College Football Playoffs

Head Coach Jim Harbaugh took the Michigan Wolverines to a 2023 CFP championship title. The American football team conceived a 15-0 record by scoring 538 points in the CFP season. Michigan Wolverines is the first team in Big Ten football history to have finished the season with a 15 game winning streak. They were also able to hold 15 different teams in a season under 25 points.

Key players of the Michigan Wolverines in 2023 included J.J. McCarthy, Blake Corum, Drake Nugent, and Zak Zinter. J.J. McCarthy was a stunning quarterback for the Michigan Wolverines with 2,991 passing yards. His passes were a treat to watch during the 2023 CFP, covering more than 100 yards on most attempts.

In a CFP match against the Iowa Hawkeyes, J.J. McCarthy became the fastest quarterback to complete 25 wins in the history of the Michigan Wolverines. He was also announced as the Rose Bowl Offensive Player of the Game during the season. J.J. McCarthy made 54 long passes for his team to help the Michigan Wolverines win the College Football Playoffs in 2023.

Michigan Stadium is Massive

Michigan Stadium is the home ground for the Michigan Wolverines. It is also known as the “The Big House”. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan Stadium is the largest stadium in the US. Sports events like football matches have also taken place at the Michigan Stadium. It can contain more than 100,000 people at a time during American football matches.

Built in 1927, it cost $950,000 to construct the Michigan Stadium. In 2013, the Michigan Wolverines match against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish gathered an audience of 115,109 people. The surface of the stadium was covered with natural grass and later replaced with FieldTurf. 

Beats Rival Teams Frequently

Ohio State Buckeyes, Minnesota Golden Gophers, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and Northwestern Wildcats are a few of the rivals of the Michigan Wolverines. Head coach Bo Schembechler staged a rivalry with Ohio State Buckeyes coach Woody Hayes that almost lasted for 10 years. Minnesota Golden Gophers and Michigan Wolverines fight over the Little Brown Jug trophy regularly. The Michigan Wolverines have retained the Little Brown Jug trophy after its successful 2023 CFP season.