Four College Football Teams with the Most Impressive Facilities

December 14, 2016 by CFP Staff

College football has come a long way since 1869, when Princeton and Rutgers geared up for what became known as the first college football game in history. Not only have the rules and style of play changed, but college football itself now generates an insane amount of money each year. While much of that money goes into the hands of various companies, some of it makes its way to university campuses and is invested into the football facilities. It seems that each year the digs that teams have at their disposal get bigger and better. Here are four of the most impressive facilities in college football.

Texas A&M's Bright Football Complex

It was no surprise after the Aggies officially left the Big 12 a few years back that they'd also revamp their facilities. These days Kyle Field's capacity tops 100,000 and the Bright Football Complex underwent a major renovation that cost a whopping $20.8 million. Inside is the Slocum Nutrition Center, which itself cost $12 million and is unlike any other facility in college football. The team also has its top notch indoor practice facility, McFerrin Athletic Center, as well as the outdoor Coolidge Grass Practice Fields. To stay at the top of their game, Texas A&M players benefit from spending time at the Davis Player Development Center.

Notre Dame's Guglielmino Athletics Complex

The inside of the Guglielmino Athletics Complex looks like a facility that a professional team would use rather than college players. When Notre Dame built the complex they went big and included a 25,000 square foot weight room, which is located on the first floor. A state of the art rehabilitation center is also on the first floor, and elsewhere in the complex is a recruiting lounge, huge locker room, and player's lounge. Of course, Guglielmino Athletics Complex also has super speedy Wi-Fi throughout the building. You may not be able to join the Fighting Irish, but you can always visit Canadian casino online for the chance to win big.

University of Alabama's Hank Crisp Indoor Facility

The weight room at your favorite gym has nothing on the one in Hank Crisp Indoor Facility. It cost $9 million to finish out and has everything you can possible imagine, including a high tech hydrotherapy pool complete with waterfalls. The weight room itself is 37,000 square feet, but Hank Crisp Indoor Facility is spread across a total of 97,000 square feet. It's fitting that the Crimson Tide has the nation's biggest indoor practice area, and the facility also hosts four separate practice fields around its exterior.

Clemson's Exclusive Players' Retreat

As college football continues to be fiercely competitive, getting the commitment of top recruits will also become increasingly challenging. Clemson has a way to make itself more attractive to future players as well as cater to its current team and help them stay out of trouble on campus: building a $55 million on campus home that's like a mini resort. It won't just be a place where the players crash, the facility will be filled with luxuries such as a gourmet outdoor kitchen, private barbershop, indoor miniature golf course, and rooms that are far better than any dorm could ever be.