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FSU Starts 2014 Where It Left Off In January

CFP Staff
August 26, 2014

Florida State is poised to defend its national title as the Congrove Computer Rankings have the 'Noles maintaining their No.1 ranking from the end of the 2013 season. South Carolina takes the No. 2 spot with Auburn in 3rd and UCLA 4th. The final BCS Championship game last January saw Florida State rally from a 21-3 first half deficit to beat the Tigers 34-31.

The computer's projected rankings for the end of the regular season have FSU holding onto the top spot, with Auburn climbing to 2nd by virtue of a regular season win over South Carolina. UCLA moves up to 3rd and Ohio State finishes 4th. All 4 teams are forecasted to run the table.

The landscape changes a bit after the conference championship weekend. Florida State continues to project as the No. 1 team with an ACC Championship game victory over Miami. But Auburn is projected to lose to South Carolina in the SEC Championship battle to drop to 7th. That opens the door for UCLA to take 2nd with a victory of Oregon in the PAC-12 Championship while Ohio State inches up to 3rd with a win over Minnesota for the Big Ten title. Oklahoma would rise to 4th.

That sets the field for the first College Football Playoff final four with Florida State, UCLA, Ohio State and Oklahoma. The Bruins are picked to defeat the Buckeyes in the Rose Bowl, and Florida State gets the edge over Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl.

Florida State then defeats UCLA in Arlington, Texas for a second straight national title.

Oddly, that would mean that FSU will both open and close its season with wins in Arlington as the 'Noles battle Oklahoma State in the Cowboys Classic on Labor Day weekend.

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