Ohio State Sanctions Itself; West Virginia Penalized By NCAA

July 8, 2011 by Dave Congrove

Ohio State on Friday tried to run interference for possible harsher sanctions from the NCAA. In the wake of Tattoo-gate, the Buckeyes said they would vacate every victory from the 2010 season, including their Sugar Bowl win over Arkansas. Ohio State finished the season 12-1 and ranked 6th in the final Congrove Computer Rankings.

The Ohio State University also imposed a 2-year NCAA probation period on itself, but fell short of a postseason ban.

Head coach Jim Tressell resigned on May 30 and QB Terrelle Pryor has announced his entry into the NFL supplemental draft.

Only 40 players have ever been taken in the supplemental draft since its inception in 1977. In the supplemental draft, NFL teams follow a pecking order for the right to submit a bid that states which draft pick they are willing to surrender the following year. If a team bids a 2nd-round pick and no team bids a 1st-round choice, that team would then surrender its 2nd-round pick in the 2012 regular draft.

Pryor originally said he would return to the Buckeyes this season after sitting out a 5-game suspension with 4 other Buckeyes - RB Dan Herron, WR Devier Posey, LT Mike Adams and DE Solomon Thomas. Another player, backup LB Jordan Whiting, was suspended for one game. The players were found to have received cash and tattoos in exchange for Big Ten championship rings, pants and other items which the NCAA deems as an "extra benefit".

Meanwhile, the NCAA accepted West Virginia's self-imposed and relatively light 2-year probation. The Mountaineers lose a scholarship for the upcoming season and will have recruiting restrictions and staff reductions. Former head coaches Bill Stewart and Rich Rodriguez were found to have routinely conducted unauthorized workouts.

Later at Michigan, Rodriguez was investigated for similar practices.