Five Bizarre College Football Coach Meltdowns

October 11, 2016 by CFP Staff

Fans aren't the only ones who can go crazy over a bad play, a bad game, or just the wrong words spoken at the wrong time.

Here are five of the biggest college football meltdowns.

Urban Meyer

The then-Florida Gators head coach flipped when questioned over a quote regarding quarterback Tim Tebow by an Orlando Sentinel reporter. Meyer banned the journalist from future practices and press events due to a quote in one of his pieces – and he actually claimed that he would have fought the journalist if he had been Tebow's father. Just one week later, Meyer met up with the reporter and apologized. Case closed.

Steve Spurrier

Spurrier announced his retirement in 2015 after a 37-year coaching career. While he gained some coaching experience in the NFL, the college football program was his bread and butter – and moaning was also one of his specialties. In fact, one of his greatest rants came in a press conference immediately after a match; and Spurrier made all of the broadcasters set up for one-to-one interviews after a sportswriter got on his bad side. A rookie mistake...

Nick Saban

Nick Saban has flashed his disdain for the media on more than one occasion, including an infamous rant about false injury reports during which he threatened to set up an online account and feed false information to the press...

Dan Hawkins

While Hawkins' rant may struggle to compare to some of the crazies sports meltdowns at, it makes our list – and here is why. The former Colorado coach didn't hold back as he screamed out to embarrass a parent after he received an anonymous letter. Hawkins was NOT amused at the letter and made a point of stating just how important Division One football really is...

Woody Hayes

However, nothing compares to Woody Hayes' genuine act of violence during Ohio State's clash with Clemson in 1978. Hayes punched a Tigers' player to spark chaos on the sideline – and this act lost his job, tarnished his reputation and questioned his legacy as one of the greatest of all-time. He was eventually inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1983 but most will remember him for this sensational moment...