College Football Programs are Now Trending Toward Younger Hires

November 9, 2016 by CFP Staff

When searching for a new head football coach, the desire is shifting to getting the best from the younger generation. The trend is to hire an up-and-comer, such as P.J. Fleck or Tom Herman as opposed to veterans alongside record of success, like Les Miles. Understanding the college football championship picks is one thing that would make the game interesting in a special way.

The average age at which head coaches are hired by teams of FBS in the last season was about 43.2 years old, which has been youngest when compared to the past six years. In the same statistics, 8 of the new 26 of them were under 40 by the time they did accept the job. During the period, most of the times, it was going to be hard for these coaches to appreciate the kind of work they were operating it.

For instance, in the years 2010 and 2011, it was found that the average age of 48 coaches that FBS schools hired was over 47, which included 8 under the 40 as age.

People who have been hiring in the business have been hesitant when calling anything in a trend as each school that operates in the marketplace has different needs as well as criteria. At a younger age, they often have favors that would enable them improve their skills especially when dealing with the young players who need to nurture their skills in a special way to be the best. For instance, the 62-year-old former coach did win about 77 percent of the games with a national title in the 11-plus seasons managing the Tigers prior to being fired in the month of September.

By hiring those coaches who are younger, they bring a new spirit into the game especially when dealing with the issues that the funs face when playing. This has been crucial whenever they are seeking ways to empower the player with more energy, that's going to have massive change on the programs, new recruits that works really well according to Parker.

I think it's going to be now up to those who are interested in doing that especially when trying to promote the game in a special way. In addition, schools will be able to understand the needs of students who may want to play in the NFL. For instance, Mack Brown, who was 62 made sure that the Texas did well after the end of the 2013 season. This was definitely something amazing especially when they were operating in a special way. Former coaches like Phillip and Brown Fulmer were fired by Tennessee following a disaster 2008 season run at age 58 after being replaced by a more youthful coach.

Most of the teams now understand that youthful coaches understand the game during trainings. They can motivate the young players to put more effort for the success of the team. For instance, USC did promote a former Trojans offensive and experienced coordinator called Clay Helton, 43, after serving as interim coach. The programs allure is in potentially discovering a coach thus defining these programs as long term. With the trend, more younger coached will take at the helm of these teams since they have more ideas.