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2014 Big Ten
College Football
Season Preview

Please note: Our conference reports analyze what the Congrove Computer Rankings preseason forecast predicts. Team power ratings change weekly during the season to reflect the actual results of the games. For projecting results, 3 points are added to the home team.

During the 2013 season, from beginning to end, including bowl games:
Overall, 4 teams gained 10 or more "power points". Florida State led the gainers at 18.24, followed by Auburn at 16.02. (The previous season, Auburn fell the second-most at 14.14 points.)
Among current Big Ten teams, Iowa gained the most at 8.45.
Overall, 14 teams gained 5.00 - 9.99 points.
Overall, 40 teams gained less than 5 points.
Overall, 42 teams fell less than 5 points.
Overall, 16 teams fell 5.00-9.99 points.
Overall, 9 teams fell 10 power points or more. Tulsa fell the most at 15.67, followed by Purdue at 14.64.
Among current Big Ten teams, Purdue fell the most at 14.64.
Overall, the average change of teams in 2013 was a loss of 0.52 points.
Among current Big Ten teams, the average change in 2013 was a gain of 0.29 points.

2014 Conference Preview
Big Ten East
  East Over-All
? Indiana ? ? ? ? ?
? Maryland ? ? ? ? ?
? Michigan ? ? ? ? ?
? Michigan State ? ? ? ? ?
? Ohio State ? ? ? ? ?
? #-Penn State ? ? ? ? ?
? Rutgers ? ? ? ? ?
#-Penn State is ineligible for Big Ten title or bowl game due to NCAA sanctions.
Big Ten West
  Team Over-All
? Illinois ? ? ? ? ?
? Iowa ? ? ? ? ?
? Minnesota ? ? ? ? ?
? Nebraska ? ? ? ? ?
? Northwestern ? ? ? ? ?
? Purdue ? ? ? ? ?
? Wisconsin ? ? ? ? ?

Championship: Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014 in Indianapolis at Time TBA on FOX
? VS. ?

Conference Champ
Title Game Result: ?

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Offseason Notes: The Big Ten expands to 14 teams for the 2014 season with the additions of Maryland (ACC) and Rutgers (American).

The idiotic division names of "Leaders" and "Legends" are out the window, replaced by simple "East" and "West" monikers. But by trying to stay true to the east/west geography, the conference wound up stacking stalwarts Michigan, defending champ Michigan State, and Ohio State in the East division. That's also where both newcomers got stuck.

The next major change on the horizon won't go into effect until 2016. That's when the teams will begin playing a 9-game conference slate with 3 cross-over contests and a round-robin division schedule. For 2014 and 2015, each team will play just 2 cross-divisional games.

Penn State is the only team in the Big Ten that will be breaking in a new head coach. The sanction-ladened Nittany Lions will once again be ineligible for the conference title or the bowl season, so new head cheese James Franklin (Vanderbilt) has his work cut out for him. Bill O'Brien (Houston Texans) was able to keep the program intact after the shattering developments of the Jerry Sandusky scandal that led to jail for Sandusky, the dismissal of legendary head coach Joe Paterno (and top administrators), and a 4-year NCAA probation for the program.