The Most Successful College Teams in American Football

November 10, 2021 by Staff

There are a lot of ways we can measure the success of a certain sports team. It can be viewed in terms of consistency, most victories, their value or the support they receive, etc. Football teams in the US receive great support and attention even during college games, and they generate hundreds of millions in revenue. Currently, the top 5 teams in terms of revenue are:

  1. Texas 
  2. Ohio State      
  3. Alabama         
  4. Michigan        
  5. Notre Dame   

However, what about their overall performance? Here we will discuss which are the most successful college teams, using a combination of these parameters. So here is the list of the most successful college football teams in the US.

Ohio State University

The Buckeyes have one of the best programs for sports in general, but they are incredibly successful when it comes to college football. Their main campus is in Columbus, and players who leave college for the draft are usually in tip-top condition. A lot of their success can be attributed also to coach Urban Meyer, whose outstanding leadership skills propelled Ohio State University to a whole new level.

In 2020, they finished as runner-up, and they were the winners of the playoffs in 2014. Throughout this period they consistently ranked high, and fans from all over the world were following their games. They were extremely popular in the sports betting community, especially among foreigners that gamble online. Nowadays you have the best Aussie online casinos that also have sports betting options. As a result, lots of users rely on betting bonuses to wager on college football in the US.

University of Alabama

This team was partially made famous by its fanatical fanbase, whose devotion is truly unmatched. They won six championships under the leadership of Nick Saban, and everyone has really high expectations from the athletes who play for the University of Alabama. A lot of American football legends started their career here, so any new player has some big shoes to fill. Those who love to bet on football should also try some of the free online pokies that have a similar theme. It’s a good way to pass the time during the match break, and you can use free spins to do so. 

University of Michigan

The Wolverines ended up as national champions 11 times in their football history, and they have a win rate of over 70%. Just recently the Wolverines jumped ahead of Spartans or the Michigan State team, and are currently in the 6th spot. This is because Michigan State lost whereas the college team won, so you can always count on young hope to pick up the slack.


These are the top 3 teams when it comes to college football, but as you know the list can change after every season. The real beauty of this league is that you get to see how fans are fully devoted to their favorite team, and how they actually inspire players to give their best. You have an amazing opportunity to spectate a new top player who is at the beginning of his career, and say to your friends -” Ha I told you so!”