A Guide to College Football Betting Markets

January 6, 2022 by Staff

Followers of College Football will know that the students can match their professional, NFL counterparts in most respects. For skill and thrills whilst out on the field, the college game has it all.

The same principle applies when it comes to betting on the game. College football attracts a lot of sportsbooks with a huge customer base looking for ways to get involved. If you’re new to College Football betting, here are some guidelines on what to expect.

Find Your Partner

The first point to take care of involves finding a sports betting site. While all major sportsbooks have markets on NFL, not everyone commits as fully to the college game. The website at asiabet.org is a good starting place for anyone looking to find a partner. Here, there are odds on all college games from the start of the season right through to the final match.

A quick glance at the panel of recommended companies will give an indication as to who takes college sports more seriously than others. Look for a wide choice among the markets that we’re about to list.

Competitive odds can also be found via that Asiabet site and all of the recommended betting companies are happy to accept new registrations. On signing up, there may well be a welcome promotion to use up and it’s also possible to find ongoing offers moving forward.

All of those platforms should have a choice of funding methods while a range of other sports, along with fast and efficient customer service, will be among the other benefits.

Finding the right sportsbook is the first step in the journey and now it’s time to consider the available college football markets.

Win or Lose

The first market to consider for most bettors involves the match result. It’s referred to as the Moneyline bet in North America and it’s a straightforward choice between the two teams on show.

Who will win the game? Making a decision may not always be easy but this is a simple market to understand and it’s the perfect starting point.

The Points Spread

Want to make things a little more complicated? The Points Spread is a popular option among more advanced bettors who are looking for higher odds. It’s referred to as a ‘handicap’ system in other parts of the world and it involves giving one of the teams a notional head start.

For example, if you are looking at a game between James Madison Dukes and Montana Grizzlies, a sportsbook could show a figure of -13.5 next to the Dukes. It means that under the points spread, handicapping system, the Dukes are a notional, 13.5 points down before they step onto the field.

If you take this bet, James Madison Dukes would have to win this game by at least 14 points and the sportsbooks would then provide a return.

Prop Bets Explained

Betting has its own terminology and certain phrases can be confusing to those who have yet to enter the markets. The third category to look at on our journey is known as prop betting and it's very easy to understand.

Props are known as side markets in other countries. Essentially, this is a range of additional markets which don’t necessarily have any bearing on the result of the match. So, for example, it could be a stake on the number of points scored by the South Dakota Jackrabbits against the Villanova Wildcats or vice versa.

The bet could involve speculating on the total number of points scored across the game or it could be a stake on the highest scoring quarter.

The range of prop bets will differ depending on the size of the game and the specific sportsbook.

Props can also, on occasions, relate to individual players in the game. Most sportsbooks will offer odds on the first touchdown scorer in an NFL match and, while there are fewer options for college football, this market could appear for the really big games.

Above all there is plenty of choice when it comes to betting on college football and, armed with this useful guide, readers should be able to enter those markets with greater confidence.