Why Students Should Try To Take Internship During College Times

April 11, 2022 by Staff

Students are often advised to start working during their student years. And, of course, this is a good option, but full-fledged work and study are not always compatible. Then an internship can be a compromise.

An internship helps you to gain work experience and increase employment opportunities. Students tell a story that they won't have enough time for an internship because of studying, writing academic work, or coursework. But despite this fact, college times are the best for such an experience.
The internship has its pros and cons. Now let's talk about them.

Pros of internship

There are many advantages of taking internships during college times. It’s not only an important experience, but it’s also a great opportunity to try working for the first time.

Try different work fields

Choosing a career comes at a very young age, and most of us are not sure what we want to do for the rest of our lives. Many people find that they go from school to university and then to the workforce before realizing that their degree and career aren't what they expected from them.
An internship allows people to experience their industry and their chosen profession. Of course, there is a good chance that you will understand that you are not interested in the specific industry in which the company you are training with works, but this is an important lesson to be learned.

For example, you have studied at the law faculty for two years. Then during an internship, you understand that you don't want to connect your life with any other field. So you want to study math. It's ok if you will have algebra problems at the beginning of studying math. Because all new information is hard to learn, you'll need help with algebra. But nowadays it isn't a trouble. Many platforms can give you math answers and find any algebra solution. So internship helps you realize what you need to avoid and gain skills that can be transferred to the field you like.

Get real work experience

The most significant advantage of internships is that companies offer a safe space for students and graduates to learn how to work. Not all directors hire students who have never worked before. Because it is thought that without experience, you will probably be unreliable and not know what to do or how to work, this creates a vicious circle, so many graduates find themselves in entirely unrelated fields.
So internships can be a great solution to this problem, as companies allow students to experience a real job. In addition to the professional skills that trainees acquire, they also gain many crucial soft skills for job search and success.

Helps to become more confident

This may resonate with you if you're an introvert, as you may find it difficult to talk about your skills, especially in interviews. Introverts tend to be more self-aware, making them more reluctant to talk about their potential. Gaining real-world experience can help you better understand your value and what you can bring to the table. Sometimes the most significant advantage of an internship is that it enables you to realize your abilities. Even if you are not an introvert, you will still benefit from a real job. This will help you learn more about yourself as a professional and be more prepared to make decisions, take the initiative and take risks, qualities employers love.

Increases your resume

Internships can also benefit your resume as they are a reliable way to demonstrate that you have work experience and other skills in the workplace. Skills may be relevant to your chosen profession, undoubtedly essential in a resume. Still, they can also be other skills, including communication and skills valued by employers.

To maximize your potential for skills training, you need to keep an internship diary. The internship diary allows you to document your work experience daily. After the internship, you will be able to write each skill acquired and demonstrate how you achieved each mastery. This can help you incorporate these skills into your resume and share your experiences during the interview.

Increases your market value

Many graduates face a common problem because they are offered much less than people who have experience doing the same job. Employers consider it justified to pay someone much less when they have nothing to offer. Still, if you are interested in paying yourself what you are worth, an internship can help rectify the situation. And not only your first job or salary will benefit from the internship; your total market value will increase. Research has shown that people who have sufficient experience entering the workforce continue to do so for a long time after they first start working.

Cons of internship

Of course, there are disadvantages to taking an internship. It can be difficult at the beginning. But remember that all problems can be solved, you just need to be attentive to companies’ working conditions.

You can be used

Many companies use interns and see them more as enslaved people or helpers than potential employees. Internships that don't allow you to learn offer little, and you're better off if you don't work for companies that treat you that way.
Before applying for an internship, do some research to ensure you are not mistreated. It means even reading about the company.

Low earnings

Internships often have shallow earning potential. Unlike a full-time job, most paid internships do not offer a competitive salary to try to attract talent. An internship for the wrong company can leave you in a terrible financial situation. So you need to learn a lesson and be attentive to the company's offer.


Internships have many disadvantages, but their advantages outweigh them. The internship will not only improve your training and allow you to acquire skills, and it's better than taking an educational course or book from the library. The internship will make you a better employee, giving you self-confidence. So after graduation, you'll find a job quickly and know what to do and how to work in a collective, and you'll feel like a hero.

Internships are a must in today's market. If you want your employer to notice you, you should get an internship as soon as possible.