Feature Picks: 7 Outright Upsets Forecast and 18 Total Games Highlighted

September 10, 2019 by CFP Staff

The Congrove Computer Rankings at CollegeFotballPoll.com are projecting 7 outright upsets this week. Learn more about those selections which include Texas Tech at Arizona, Iowa at Iowa State, and Stanford at UCF.

Additionally, we've selected 11 games in the categories of Easy Pickins and Hold Your Horses.

We compare the sportsbooks' average spread with the computer's projection, and feature those games where we believe the computer has the best chance of being right.

Among this week's seven qualifying games for Easy Pickins' are Washington State vs. Houston at NRG Stadium, and Southern Cal at BYU.

Our 4 choices for the 'Hold Your Horses' category highlight, among others, Hawaii's third consecutive game versus the PAC-12 when the Warriors travel to Washington.

When it comes to the Upset picks, we list every game that the computer picks the opposite team of the 'Vegas' favorite. The computer's upset picks have hit 67% against the spread (82-41) since the second week of November of 2017.

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