Did You Bet on Josh Allen Becoming one of the Highest-Paid Quarterbacks in the NFL?

August 16, 2021 by Staff

If you were gambling about the Buffalo Bill's future during the 2018 Draft when the AFC NFL team signed the mostly unknown quarterback from Wyoming, you probably didn't consider Josh Allen a top prospect. Also, you were wrong. Bill's fans were crying, and the team's opponents were laughing. Now the young QB has divisional rivals crying and fans laughing all the way to collect their winnings against friends, family members, and at sports gambling locations in Vegas and online that all doubted the team's future under Allen.

Allen's 6-Year Multimillion-Dollar Contract Extension

During the 2019-2020 season, he had some great games and helped edge the Bills into a wildcard spot in the playoffs. For the 2020-2021 season, he took the team to a whole new level, going all the way to the AFC championship game only to lose in the last few seconds.
In August 2021, he signed a contract extension with the Bills that put him at the top of the list, even above Patrick Mahomes. The six-year deal pays him an average of $43 million yearly through 2028.

You didn't bank on Josh Allen from Wyoming becoming one of the NFL's top franchise quarterbacks. That doesn't mean you're gambling skills are non-existent. Many sports writer's across the U.S. were blown away by Allen's focus, arm, and dedication to the game. Try your luck again with Novibet online betting odds and see if you can find the next unsuspecting top athlete. The people who banked on Allen over the past two years made a killing going against the odds.

Who is Josh Allen?

Those that did their homework on Allen, like the Buffalo Bill's current owners, who bought the team from founder Ralph Wilson's family following his death, saw the raw potential of the young but determined quarterback.

Unlike the other top prospects in the 2018 draft, such as Baker Mayfield, who came from prestigious schools and played the QB position from pee-wees to college, Allen was a walk-on at the University of Wyoming. He openly petitioned for a chance to try out at the four-year school. After securing a scholarship to attend, Allen transferred from Reedley College, a junior college in California.

Will the Young QB Give Buffalo Their First Super Bowl?

One thing every Bill's fan at is the big picture. Winning regular games is great. Making it to the playoffs is wonderful. But any fan from the 1960s going forward will tell you their heart aches for a trophy and that top spot in the rankings. The only question left about number 17 is if he can give the four-time Super Bowl losers the first win in the team's history. NFL experts and fans believe that time is now!

One thing's for sure. Team founder and longtime owner Ralph Wilson is watching from the big skybox in the clouds. The father of the Buffalo Bills is grinning from ear-to-ear, watching the magic lighting up his signature stadium in a way Orchard Park hasn't seen since the days of Jim Kelly.