Why Is College Football So Important to Americans?

December 15, 2021 by Staff

If one were to say what the national sport of the USA is, the chances are high that they would say it is American football. This is true for those who live outside of the US as they can look towards massive sporting events like the Super Bowl and see just how much American’s love their football. Even though many Americans would agree that football is their national sport, there will be many who argue that it is not the NFL that is the most respected division of football. Instead, this honor belongs to college football.

While this is not a sentiment that will be shared by all Americans, the reality is that in some parts of the country, college football games are held in higher regard than NFL games. While this might be a surprise to those who don’t live in America, those who reside in the country will know exactly why this is the case. Those who live in other parts of the world of course know about college football, but they don’t really understand how much important it is in making up American culture. This may be because the NFL gets supremely more coverage, and it is exceedingly difficult for foreigners to watch college football on TV.

One only must look at the history surrounding the sport to get a good idea of why college football is so important to Americans. Those who are up to date with their sports history might know that the first-ever game of American football was held in 1869 in New Jersey. It may surprise many to learn that this took place between two colleges, Rutgers and Princeton (then New Jersey) and at this time, there were no official leagues or professionals of the sport. Given the fact that it was played at a college level before being play played professionally, it is clear to see why this heritage has impacted attitudes towards college football today, especially in places like New Jersey.

It wasn’t until 1920 that the NFL itself would be formed, meaning that the country had nearly fifty years of pure college football. Half a century is no small length of time and so it is easy to show why a generational love for certain college teams might have been passed down through generations. This is especially true in small towns in America that do not really have ties to any NFL team due to distance. Those who live in these places find that it makes much more sense to support the closest college team rather than a bigger NFL team that is situated in a city many more miles away.

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It should now be clear why college football is so important to Americans, and why in some places, the love for it runs as deep as the love for the NFL!