Famous American Football Players Passionate About Gambling

November 22, 2021 by Staff

As most of us occasionally bet, it should come as no surprise that there are many football players who enjoy gambling. Some of the most prominent players find nothing more relaxing than betting on a horse race, a match, or even a spin of the roulette wheel at the best online casino Canada. Let's take a look at some of the most famous football players who bet. Following this list of famous footballers who gamble, we're sure you'll be thrilled to learn more about the best three players who share this passion.

Our favorite thing about watching them is seeing their talent and ability on the field. Many football players are known for their glamorous lifestyles away from football, including glam, parties, and of course, gambling.

Tony Romo - Fantasy Gambling

Tony Romo played 14 seasons in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys and is an American football analyst. Everyone remembers the 2015 fantasy football scandal with this football player. Besides playing fantasy football, he has a passion for gambling. First of all, the professional American football league, NFL, is not anti-gambling - it is anti-sports betting. In addition to participating in state lotteries, the league accepts sponsorships from casinos that do not have an on-site sportsbook.

The NFL doesn't consider fantasy sports, either season-long or daily, to be a form of gambling. With the 2015 cancellation of Tony Romo's fantasy football convention set for Las Vegas, the NFL is facing yet another round of accusations of hypocrisy concerning its often inconsistent positions on gambling. Romo's event, scheduled for mid-July at the Sands Expo, is expected to attract more than 100 current players, including some big names. In the wake of learning about the event, the NFL was forced to remind the players' union of its longstanding policy prohibiting them from participating in such events at casinos.

Josh Shaw - Betting Against His Team

Yet another player in the NFL with gambling-related history. Josh Shaw, former American football defensive tackle, placed a bet on three teams at Caesar's Palace, blatantly stating his wager. Shaw stated that he was a professional football player on the player's card application. Additionally, Shaw apparently staked money against the Cardinals. Pete Rose, the greatest sports gambler of all time, never bet against his own team, the Cincinnati Reds. Shaw's wager was immediately reported to the NFL, and, soon after, the NFL suspended Shaw.

Shaw's penalty is exceptionally severe. In the past, players faced less severe punishment for crimes such as domestic violence, assault, gun ownership, and drug abuse, etc. According to Shaw, sports betting tolerance does not change for NFL players, while it is changing all around us.

Brandon Marshall - Casino Enthusiast

Similar to the two previously mentioned football players, Brandon Marshall is fond of gambling. Namely, he was even fined for participating in a betting event the NFL was investigating. There has already been one fantasy football event canceled at a Las Vegas hotel and casino prior to this. Players are not allowed to attend events hosted on casino property under NFL policy.

But that’s not it. This gambling enthusiast and a former American football star have been involved in more gambling incidents than he can count. At the end of Brandon Marshall's career with the Denver Broncos, quarterback Jay Cutler helped him pay his gambling debts. A former teammate of Marshall's got him out of a steep gambling debt by writing him a $60,000 check.


A number of stars and top players certainly enjoy having fun in different establishments. Others, however, have been known to take it too far and even get career penalties for doing so. Sports have a competitive spirit at their core, which gives rise to a lot of emotions and energy - similar to gambling. It is no wonder that the best footballers enjoy betting and casinos so much.