Biggest College Sports Betting Events in 2022

May 19, 2022 by Staff

Nowadays, college sports are very popular across the globe. Everyone is on the lookout for young new talents who are ready to make a name for themselves and who will eventually enter the professional league. When major college sports events  begin, people from all over the world place bets and wager on outcomes of various matches and tournaments.

People find such activities as enjoyable as playing casino slots at sources, such as Crikeyslots, for example. That being said, college sports are not just popular in the U.S. where they are most common, but pretty much all over the globe. 

Any sport enthusiast will gladly spend time watching major college sports events for personal enjoyment and see what will happen afterwards. People who love to watch sports don't really care if the event they're watching is exclusive to a specific country or state. Watching sports is about enjoying yourself. With that in mind, here are some of the biggest college sports events in 2022 that people like to bet on.

Basketball college betting events

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in the U.S. organises the major basketball college tournament otherwise known as March Madness. Here, basketball teams from different state colleges compete for the championship title. Although the event itself is very popular and many people wager on the outcome, it's not the only thing that keeps people on their toes. 

In fact, top athletes are being watched by NBA scouts and those who perform exceptionally and showcase their talent will be drafted into one of the NBA teams once their studies are completed. This is yet another thing people like to bet on. After all, the U.S. is the birthplace of basketball so it's only natural that US citizens will go absolutely crazy about any basketball event, not just the college ones. 

Football college betting events

As you may already know, football is the most popular sport in the U.S. and one of the most popular sports in the world. Many high school students get college scholarships for their football talent and performance.  Once at the college, they get a chance to prove themselves once again and perhaps make their way into the NFL professional league. 

That being said, the NCAA Division Football Championship is the baggiest college football sports event that attracts bettors from pretty much all corners of the earth. People will wager on individual games, the outcome of the playoffs, the outcome of the tournament and even draft picks for the NFL. Every sportsbook nationwide has its hands full when such an event occurs. Sooner or later, everything builds up towards the Super Bowl, one of the most popular and most viewed sports events in the entire world. 

Baseball college betting events

Aside from football, baseball is also one of the most popular sports in the U.S. and people from all over the world prefer to watch it. When it comes to college baseball sport events, the NCAA Division Baseball Championship is the biggest of them all. In this tournament, 64 college baseball teams compete for the ultimate prize. 

Even ESPN one of the biggest sports channels in North America broadcasts these matches and the entire event. As you might imagine, numerous bettors flock to both land-based and online sportsbooks to place their wagers. Like with other college sports, young and talented athletes have an opportunity to be drafted into the MBL and kick-start their professional baseball careers. People are more than willing to bet on how things will turn out during and after the championship.


College sports events are popular all over the world, and they are one of the most sought-after events by bettors all over the world. Colleges throughout the world have their unique sports events but they don't get as nearly as much exposure and publicity as the ones in the U.S. do. 
That's why college football, basketball and baseball in the U.S. are, in fact, the biggest college betting events in 2022, as well as any other year both bast and future. Marketing and sports agencies simply have a knack of raising the hype for these sports events to the point where every sports fan in the world is likely to watch.