What Sports Stars Have Changed Their Appearance?

March 15, 2017 by CFP Staff

Sports stars are notorious for changing their appearance, whether that's a different hair style with every game (or in the case of Cristiano Ronaldo changing his hair style at half time), or growing and shaving their beards. Here however, we're taking a look at the sports stars that are changing their appearance more permanently. Due to the fact that many college and NFL football players are relatively secret about their private lives, we're mixing up our list with a number of other popular American sports like baseball and ice hockey.

Wes Welker – NFL

Like many men, Wes Welker suffered from thinning hair. Because of his frustration with the hair issues he was facing, he turned to Dr. Robert Leonard who carried out a hair transplant procedure. In the US, around 50 million men suffer from hair loss. While over-the-counter products and vitamins tend to be favored towards paying for a hair transplant, the results are always far more effective when it comes to the transplant procedure. There are a number of options that people who suffer from hair issues like the New England Patriots player did, and some people find affordable hair transplant prices in Turkey to be more favorable.

Mark Lamb – NHL

It is a very common sight to see a number of teeth flying across the ice due to the physical nature of the sport. The former player is now known to have spent a lot of time at the dentist and over a 20 year career in the support, he has had 3 sets of dental implants. Now, players will wear mouth guards in order to protect themselves, and this has probably reduced the number of players having to seek the same painful surgery as Lamb.

Sammy Sosa – Baseball

Sammy Sosa is a former professional baseball right fielder, and most notably played for the Chicago Cubs. But this isn't the main reason why he's hit the limelight. The former slugger who originally had a medium to dark skin tone, dramatically changed the color of his skin through the process of skin bleaching. Sosa said that his new appearance was due to a long time cosmetic skin cream that gradually whitens his skin, and the combination of that and bright TV lights is what led to a somewhat vampire-esque appearance. On top of this cream, he has also previously said to the Chicago Tribune in an interview that he had undergone a skin rejuvenation treatment. His transformation was a huge one, and Sosa supposedly still continues with the cream today.

Colin White – Ice Hockey

This is another nasty injury on the ice, and the former New Jersey Devils player was injured during team practice. A puck deflected off of his own stick, and this hit him in the nose and near the right eye. Because of this, White had plastic surgery in order to reset his nose. After this, he missed 10 days of action and his eye was so swollen after surgery that his vision was still blurry when he returned.