Strategies for Fantasy Football

June 28, 2017 by CFP Staff

If you're a college football fan, there is something wonderful about the dream of leading a team to glory. It is the next best thing to being on the field. This probably goes a long way to explain the wild popularity of Fantasy Football – which offers the vicarious thrill of jumping into the shoes of a college football coach. If you ask the most committed Fantasy Football players though, this game comes with the same kind of pressures and pleasures that the real managers experience throughout the season. To outsiders, Fantasy Football appears to be little more than a hobby, however, for those deeply involved, it can feel far more important than that.

Playing the role of a college football coach is an adventure, but it's only part of the enormous appeal of Fantasy Football. The game has so many branches, aspects, and elements that it can begin to feel less like escapism than the construction of a genuine legacy. Ultimately, the game draws numerous parallels with small business ownership: the leaders are passionate about their creations and are completely committed to the cause. Similar to the corporate world, luck plays a strong role in the success of Fantasy Football – but so does strategy. A well thought-out game plan and tactical acumen is pivotal, and we've picked out five excellent strategies for college football that you can use to run your team like a well-oiled machine.

Look at those Vegas odds

Vegas know its stuff when it comes to Fantasy Football. If you're in Nevada for a weekend then there's no harm in trying to beat the house on roulette or blackjack, but the college football season is not as ephemeral in nature as these bets. The season is a long, hard slog, and Vegas will stay clued up from start to finish to ensure they remain in the money.

To build the best Fantasy Football team, habitually check out the Vegas odds and use this information to put yourself at a great advantage on a weekly basis. You can visit numerous casino sites to gain insight into the best teams – and maybe even place a few bets yourself while you’re at it to pick up some nice earnings!

Know your league like the back of your hand

Before you even begin the season, make a note of all the rules and regulations in your league to get yourself ready for a lengthy season. Many Fantasy Football players miss out on the opportunity to bring in a fresh pair of legs by simply being unaware of a trade deadline. Others skimp on defensive players oblivious to the fact the league actually awards points for holding opposition to both yardage totals and scoring totals. By understanding all the league guidelines from the start, you'll be among the strongest participants in your Fantasy Football division.

Splash out on quarter-backs

It might make you feel a little uneasy blowing a big chunk of your budget on a couple of star quarterbacks, as the logical move is to spread the money around. However, if both these throwers enjoy even a remotely good week, there's a huge shot that you could emerge victorious in any head to head you might be involved in. In college football, top quarterbacks consistently post eye-watering high numbers on a weekly basis. Having two real talents in these slots – first-choice and reserve – is always worth the money.

Use the schedule to plan ahead

This is another strategy that involves a lot of reading and research but it can put you in the driver's seat right from the first kick-off. Gaining some early momentum in college Fantasy Football can be achieved simply by pouring over the schedules. There are a lot of mismatches in the early part of the college football season, and by picking players with easier (nonconference) matches, you'll put yourself in a much stronger position to pick up big points.

Think "system"

Locating a hidden gem among the colossal roster of players isn’t easy, but you can boost your chances by examining the respective systems of the college teams. For example, a side that favors a spread offense will have several different guys involved in each phase – so look for those players to land you some likely, and unlikely, high-scoring heroes.

No tactics are fool proof – if they were, everyone would use them. But by following the above tips, you’ll give yourself the best possible chances of having a triumphant season in your Fantasy Football league, offering you the privilege of being able to boast in front of your buddies or maybe even pick up some winnings if there are stakes involved. Good luck!