A College Football Poem For The Holidays

December 25, 2017 by Dave Congrove

A College Football Poem For the Holidays

Twas Christmas Eve in America
and all across the land,
football fans and teams were traveling - 
even the bands.

Only 27 games remained to be played
before the end of the season - the saddest of all days.
The Ducks and the Owls, the Herd and Mean Green
are among those who've already gone to bed until Spring.

But the Cowboys and Hokies haven't battled yet.
If you're a Cardinal or Horned Frog, you don't have to fret.
Those games are coming, plus so many more.
From the 26th to the 1st, there's no way to get bored.

And come New Year's Day when the Final Four play
there will be so much excitement you won't know what to say
except "Go Dawgs!" or "Go Sooners! Please win this game."
If I have to wait another year, I will surely go insane.

"Go Tigers!" or "Go Tide! Win this game is all I ask.
You know what to do. Go Complete your task."
And then the next week, you must win again
for the Trophy isn't given out until then.

When the title game is over,
you can finally relax
'til we do it again next year.
It can't get here too fast.