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College Football
Season Preview

Our list of top games to watch each week of the season with the games that receive our top rating in bold.

Week 3: Michigan at Notre Dame
(Cont'd) Michigan State at Pitt
  Nebraska at USC
  N. C. State at Southern Miss
  Oklahoma at Oregon
  Texas Tech at TCU
  Maryland at West Virginia
Week 4: Alabama at Arkansas
  Arizona State at California
  Southern Miss at Central Florida
  Colorado at Georgia
  Virginia at Georgia Tech
  Iowa State at Texas
  Notre Dame at Michigan State
  Tulsa at Navy
  UTEP at New Mexico
  Penn State at Ohio State
  Oklahoma State at Houston
  Utah at San Diego State
Week 5: Alabama at Florida
  Oregon at Arizona State
  Boise State at Utah
  BYU at TCU
  Colorado State at Fresno State
  Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech
  Ohio State at Iowa
  Kansas at Nebraska
  Tennessee at Memphis
  Nevada at UNLV

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